This Company Is Infecting People With Coronavirus & Paying Them $4500!

Coronavirus is projected to be the greatest pandemic humanity has ever faced – where 60% of humanity is probable to get infected, and 50-60 million people are estimated to die.

It has a higher mortality rate than common flu, and 400% greater viral spread – and yet a British company will pay you $4500 if you allow yourself to be infected by the coronavirus.

But why are they infecting people in the first place?

This offer is made by the British company Hvivo, which works in the field of viral challenge studies and laboratory services, vaccine developments, antivirals, and respiratory therapeutics. And now this company is calling for volunteers who will let themselves catch the deadly disease for the cause of the experiment.

After being infected, the volunteers will not be allowed to exercise or have any physical contact with people, while their food will also be controlled and monitored.

Infect volunteers will be kept at a facility in London

The company facility located at the Queen Mary BioEnterprises Innovation in Whitechapel, London will be hosting the volunteers, where they will be infected with COVID-19 and then put into quarantine for two weeks.

How sure are we that the volunteers won’t die after the infection?

To ensure that all the volunteers don’t die, the company will infect them with a slightly weaker strain of coronavirus such as 0C43 and 229E.

These strains will cause mild symptoms of the deadly coronavirus which has killed more than 4,000 people worldwide.

They are doing it to help develop a vaccine

It is hoped that using humans as guinea pigs in this experiment will help in development of a vaccine for coronavirus. There are currently 20 different vaccines for coronavirus being developed, according to the WHO (World Health Organization).

Although the company will be picking only 24 volunteers for this horrendous experiment, it cannot be estimated how many of them will die for a measly amount of $4500.

Which is still a disrespectfully less amount of money for someone to put their lives in danger, and needless to say this will only attract the poor folk who will take this offer out of sheer desperation. If anything, the company should be paying a large sum to every volunteer but that does happen scarcely.



All Featured Images Courtesy: BBC England



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