A Guide To Setting Healthy Boundaries In Your Relationship

No matter how great the relationship with your partner is, you still need to set boundaries in a relationship. At the end of the day, you both are two different individuals and have a life of your own. A good relationship is not defined by controlling each other’s lives or decisions. It is defined by giving ample space to each other. A relationship with no healthy boundaries can be stifling and even asphyxiate your relationship to death.

Another reason why healthy boundaries in a relationship are necessary is mental health and self-care. Some things are absolutely unacceptable like your partner checking on you every minute, depending on your for financial support, leaning on you for taking care of their mess, talking to you in a disrespectful manner, and so on. You may not realize it now but these things become the reason for your unhappiness and stress in life.

How To Set Boundaries In A Relationship

Practice these few simple steps to set boundaries in your relationship. This will take your relationship on the road to success.

1. Recognize Your Feelings

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To establish healthy boundaries in a relationship, you first need to recognize your feelings and even acknowledge them. When we have no boundaries in a relationship, we become so occupied about the other person’s stuff that we forget or get confused about how we are feeling. Take a moment to realize how a comment or action by your partner made you feel. Did it make you feel bad, overwhelmed, or drained out? You need to keep a check on your feelings. Don’t give up too much of yourself for someone who doesn’t respect your boundaries or takes advantage of your gullibility.


2. Recognize your partner’s feelings

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As important as it is to recognize your own feelings, it is also important to understand how your partner feels. It should not be a selfish act. If you want your partner to give you space, you should also be willing to do the same things for them.


3. Identify how your boundaries have been crossed

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Is your partner inquisitive about the text from your friend? Is your partner always making nagging or critical comments towards you? Does your partner dump their feelings on your or drag you in their mess? Is your partner always late for dates and other events? These are just a few ways how your partner is crossing thier boundaries and causing unrest and emotional turmoil in your life. There will be other ways of not respecting your boundaries. You have to realize them.


4. Communicate your boundaries to your partner

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You should be clear about what you want to have. Don’t settle for less or compromise so much that you end up having discomfort and discord in your relationship. You should be clear about the healthy relationship boundaries right from the start. Decide what you can and what you cannot keep up with so you have a sense of clarity in your mind. Also, be fair to your partner by respecting those boundaries when it comes to them. Don’t act selfishly. If you think your partner is exceeding those boundaries, don’t be scared to address the issue. Talk it out. Don’t fight. I’m sure they will understand when you sit down and talk.



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