How To Finally Start Waking Up Early & Rock Your Day

Arghh! Why is it easy to get in and hard to get out? This is something we all have thought about when we are lying in our bed in the morning gathering every inch of courage to get out. Count all the times have you been late to work because you wanted ‘five more minutes’ of sleep. Borderline shamed? All that grogginess and irritation make your mood even worse, hence affecting your professional and personal life.

If only it were simple waking up early. But you know what? It is.

How To Start Waking up Early

If you just follow these steps below, you just may be able to break out of your bad habit of oversleeping and make at work on time.

#1 Buy An Unusual Alarm Clock

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If waking up early is a challenge for you because you sleep through your alarm, then maybe you need to buy a new one. This time, buy an alarm clock that is super annoying and literally forces you out of your bed. Usually, we set soft, soothing tones for alarm tones which we either miss hearing or shut them down as soon as they ring. Find an alarm clock you cannot ignore. Supersonic alarm clocks that feel like an earthquake of magnitude 9.0 are guaranteed to wake you up. If you want something less terrifying, then maybe you can choose a flying alarm clock that will not only wake you up but get you out of bed until it is shut off.

#2 Put a Noose Around The Snooze Button

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Do you know what is your real enemy when it comes to waking up early? It’s the snooze button. You have got to break out of inertia if you want to wake up on time every day. Thanks to smartphone apps, we don’t have to feel helpless. Step Out Of Bed, an iPhone app will not shut till you literally step out of your bed and take 30 steps. Alarmy for Android users is another app that won’t stop ringing until you have taken the photo of a pre-decided object in your phone. A pretty smart way to make people get out of bed, isn’t it?

#3 Set Multiple Alarms

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If you are thinking about how to start waking up early, then set multiple alarms on your phone instead of one that gives you jolts. Let’s say you want to wake up at 8:30 in the morning. Set alarms starting from as early as half an hour and in intervals of 20 minutes each. Set alarm for 7:50, 8:00, 8:10, 8:20 and so on till you are up. You will give up snoozing at some point, right?

#4 Don’t Be Too Ambitious

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If you are just starting to wake up early, begin with baby steps. Start with setting an alarm 10 minutes earlier than your usual time of waking up. Practice this until you wake up at your desired time. Slower transitions are more effective when breaking an old habit., it gives your brain and body enough time to adapt. Habits formed such way tend to stay.

The only way to how to wake up early and not feel tired is by getting a good night’s sleep. A human body needs an average of eight hours of sleep a day to function properly. If you are having six hours of sleeping or less, then you have messed up with your system. It will take some time to get on track. To do that, you can follow a proper waking up regime by including all the steps listed above. Most importantly, try sleeping on time. It is cliched, but works.



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