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How To Clean Your Laptop’s Keyboard – Easiest & Only Hack You’ll Ever Need

Do you have any idea about the number of germs living rent-free on the surface of your keyboard? Don’t tell yourself that you have never dropped food crumbs or spilled a drink on your laptop. Your keyboard needs as much attention as the screen on your laptop. So, wiping off your screen with a cloth won’t suffice laptop cleaning. 

Besides, it is the keyboard that has the most amount of dirt collected because it is the most difficult part to clean. The nooks and crannies between the keyboard keys are dirt’s favorite place to settle in. You would require a deep-cleaning to make your laptop keyboard germ-free.

If never was the last time you cleaned your laptop keyboard, then it’s deep-cleaning time

How To Deep-Clean Your Laptop Keyboard

1. Switch off your laptop

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The first thing you should do is switch off your laptop. Never attempt to clean your laptop keyboard with the power on. Shut it down, take off the chords, and move on to the next steps.

2. Invert your laptop

This may sound crazy but if there are any big dirty items stuck between the keys, a nice inverted jerk will throw them out. However, go easy on your laptop. You don’t want to go all Savage on it 

3. Get an air compressor can 

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Get a can of compressed air and tilt your laptop carefully to forty-five degrees in the direction of the nozzle. Don’t stick the tip of the nozzle too close to the crevices in the keys. Use short bursts of air to get the dirt out. You will be surprised to see the things flying out from underneath the keys. Read the safety instructions before you use the air can.

4. Wipe it off 

Give your laptop keyboard a good cleaning with wiping it off with a soft clean cloth. You could be more creative and use slime to get the dirt out. Another trick for deep cleaning is to use sticky notes. That ought to do it.

Try this too:

USB Vacuum: Yes, there is such a nifty thing that will suck all the debris out of your laptop. And, it’s pretty cheap too.

Air blaster: Prefer air blasters over the can of compressed air as it contains toxic elements that are released into the air on use. This is a non-toxic and environmentally-friendly option. So, it’s fun to use.

Whatever you do, just don’t clean your laptop like her.



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