More Than One Groovy Ways To Put Those Bobby Pins In Your Hair

A girl’s life is nothing about bobby pins. You can make no hairstyle without using bobby pins and yet, these naughty little things keep disappearing, especially when you need them the most. No matter how many bobby pins you buy, you will end up losing more. Oh, the enigma! This is the mystery scientists should be solving.

But Why Are They Called Bobby Pins Anyway?

Close up of bobby pins
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Interesting that you asked. Bobby pins were invented by Luis Marcus, a cosmetic manufacturer based out of San Francisco, during the time of World War II. The name bobby has to do with the reason as they were used to style bob haircut or bobbed hair. So, there you have your answer now.

How To Do Pin Curls With Bobby Pins?

Doing pin curls with bobby pins are so easy peasy. If you do not like heat methods, then you can use bobby pins to get those beautiful curls. Here is how to do pin curls with bobby pins:

  1. Dampen your hair
  2. Choose a section of hair depending on how thick your want your curls to be. Bobby pin curling method works best for thin curls.
  3. Twirl the hair on your finger till you reach the scalp.
  4. Now hold the section of twisted hair between your thumb and index finger.
  5. Using 2-3 bobby pins, secure the twirled hair on your head.
  6. Do it with other section of hair. Leave it overnight or for at least a few hours to get the best results.
  7. Use hair spray to keep your curls tighter for long.

How to put short hair up with bobby pins

It is such a misconception that bobby pins have use for long hair only. It cannot be true because the very necessity of bobby pins came in the first place for short hair only. There are endless stylish ways how you can use bobby pin for groovy short hairstyles:

1. Zig Zag Style

Look how neatly the lady has secured her hair with bobby pins that it looks so chic. You can even use multicolored bobby pins or designer pins to make it look more groovy.

short hairpin
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2. Hashtag Style

Why use hashtags only on Instagram when you can use bobby pins to make your hair look cool too? Don’t forget to post it later on your Instagram profile using cool hashtags.

bobby short pin hair
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3. Crown Style

Make a badass crown look using bobby pins and turn those head around.

crown bobby pin
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4. Inverted Arrow Look

Well, it turns out better for slightly longer hair but if you have short hair that won’t come into a pony, this hairstyle with bobby pins will work wonders.

long hair bobby pin
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5. Pattern Look

Secure hair in a neat way using bobby pins. This hairstyle looks well for shoulder length hair or shorter. Don’t let locks hide your face or eyes.

red hair
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How to bobby pin hair to the side

Here are a few hairstyle ideas using bobby pin on the side. These hairstyles will look good on short and long length hair. Try them out for parties, college, or your next girls night out.

1. Retro
side hair pin style
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2. Half Sun Look

Wow! Would you look at her and how adorable it looks? It is easy to make too. Pair it with an equally groovy ear cuff and you are all set.

bobby pin short hair
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Here is something for curly hair. Don’t let the curls bother you. Manage them with bobby pins and get this wonderful look.

side hair style
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4. Asterisk

Totally adorbs! She is just killing it with her bob cut and the way she has styled bobby pins on her hair.

star bobby pin



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