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How A T-Shirt Can Be Your Ultimate Fashion Weapon

Yes, you heard it right. A simple plain tee can be all you need to slay everyday. Tee’s are wonderful things, comfortable, sassy and simple. However when you’ve got a plain tee on your hands, the best way to make it pop is with a bit of mix and match. Checkout these amazing ways to rock a t-shirt.

Style #1 Denim on Denim


A classic look that will never go out of style. You may think there’s too much denim in this ensemble, when you put it on though, it all comes together like a finished puzzle. The denim on denim look gives off a casual, chill , aloof yet friendly vibe.

Style #2 Cool Business look


You can pair up your plain old tee with a formal pencil skirt or striped pants to get this look. It’s simple yet classy. Make sure the colour of your tee pops out in comparison to your skirts hue and wear complimenting accessories like mellow coloured stones.

Style #3 The Sports look


Sports Luxe is something that’s incredibly comfortable and chic at the same time. Today, we’ve come to a place where we can wear trendy yet sporty shoes to any event, even while going to work. Sports Luxe is fashion that caters to people who love wearing sports clothes not just in the gym but everywhere.

Style #4 The chic professional look

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A monochromatic theme with your tee paired up with a sharp blazer will get you this look. Just like it seems, this is one of the best attires you can put together for an emergency meeting or business call.

Style #5 The Date Night look

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Tee’s can be flirty too! Pair your favourite tshirt with a frilly skirt of your choice or a ini skirt and finish the look with a sparkly belt and that’s it! Date night dress problems…, Solved! Oh and hats go amazing with this look too. If you’re not much of a skirts person, even leather or spandex pants can add that oomph to your look.

Style #6 Effortless Bohemian

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Want an effortless casual bohemian look? Grab your tee and favourite denim pant. Grab some mellow shades and a long flowy bohemian cape and that’s it ! You can also try this with long and light printed skirts , just be sure to pair it up with antique looking jewelry and you’ll be set to rock the Bohemian look.

Style #7 Classic Holiday look

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Last but not the least, to bring out the soft side to your tee, pair it with beautiful brightly coloured maxi skirts. This helps soften the edges that a regualr t-shirt has. To make yourself look like a feminine goddess on a holiday, pair this look with delicate sandals or stilettos(Whichever your preferance). Don’t forget the hat and an elegant side purse!


In the end whichever look you choose, always remember, it’s all about your comfort first. If you feel comfortable in it, then you can rock it no matter what anyone says.

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  1. I am a older lady but grew up in poor farming family. We never wore jeans with holes in them. We would iron on a message patch or sew it up. I think just random ugly holes in jeans are tacky. If the holes were hearts or stars…., may look better.

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