Healthy & Organic Sugar Alternatives For Baking You Really Must Try

Sugar is anything but good for the body in the long run. It’s understandable you want to cut it out of your diet because of this reason. Advertising the very same things, are thousands of ads speaking of how good a sugar substitue is. But the question is largely ignored. Are sugar substitues really better than sugar? Well turns out, no. In fact a scientific study confirmed that sugar substitues are highly carcinogenic compared to plain white sugar. So going by the comparative damage, sticking to plain old sugar would be better.

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So does this mean you’d have to cut out all the baked goodness that you love so much? What is a life without cake anyways! What can you do if you’re a baker with a business to run? Simply boycotting cakes and pastries ain’t gonna keep your business and tummy happy right? So if you are indeed a conscientious person who likes to eat ghealthy and serve healthy food, this is for you.

How to bake a sugar free cake

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Cakes are cakes because they’re sweet. Would anyone like a salty cake? (eww, right?). Given the poison that sugar has actually turned out to be, here are some wonderful organic sugar substitutes that you can use to bake or make anything.

#1 Maple Syrup

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This sweet alternative is loaded with at least 24 antioxidants. Maple syrup has also shown anti-cancer properties. Compared to refined white sugar, maple syrup has both sweetness and nutrients to offer.

#2 Molasses

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Made from boiling down sugar beet or sugar cane juice, this sweet brown liquid sugar is a great choice. It’s high potassium and calcium content are great for bone health. Try going for blackstrap molasses.

#3 Honey

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Honey (we mean organic forest honey) is the best choice as a substitue to sugar. While an overdose of honey can prove as bad as sugar, in regulated amounts, honey is miraculous in healing the body. There is no other sugar alternative with as many antioxidants as honey. The beat part is that it has anti-aging properties.

#4 Coconut Sugar

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Extracted from the sap of coconut palm tress, coconut sugar is as sweet as regular refined sugar.

Coconut sugar contains a small amount of fiber and nutrients. Therefore, it’s slightly “less bad” than regular sugar. However, it’s still high in fructose and should be consumed in moderation.

#5 Yacon Syrup

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Yacon syrup contains 40–50% fructooligosaccharides. These are a type of sugar molecule that human bodies cannot digest. Hence, a gram of Yacon syrup will have way lesser calorific content when compared to sugar. Because the sugar molecules are nor absorbed.

#6 Stevia

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Stevia is a naturally accouring plant whose leaves release a heavy sweet taste when boiled. It is extracted from the shrub, Stevia rebaudiana. This is a completely side effect free sugar substitue that has links to lowering hugh blood pressure in the human bloody.

#7 Xylitol

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Xylitol is a sugar alchohol which is found in various fruits and vegetables. It os extracted from birch wood or corn. This sweetner has zero fructos present in its makeup and hence keeps fluctuating insulin levels at bay. With just forty percent of the caalories of regualr sugar, Xylitol is a great substitue.

#8 Erythritol

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Last but not least, erythritol is a sugar alcohol with the same sweetness as refined sugar. It has only six percent of the calories in refined sugar. The human body lacks enzymes to breakdown erythritol, resulting in it being excreted as it is.

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Comments (2)

  1. Sorry but my experience with Stevia was not side effect free. I’m diabetic so daughter kindly sent me a hamper of diabetic food for Xmas, and one of those items was a bar of chocolate with Stevia in it instead of sugar. After eating it I had the worse stomach reaction rushing to the toilet and curled up in pain. It was horrific.
    of course it could have been something else but I don’t think so and I am ok with normal chocolate, I love your advice but I don’t think you can say that anything is side-effect free because everybody is different. I just don’t want anyone to think they can eat this freely without thinking about a possible reaction. I’ve noticed on a lot of sugar free items; mainly confectionery, that you shouldn’t eat too much because it can have a laxative effect so please just be aware. Thanks Christine

    • Thank you for your feedback Christine! I’ve personally not felt any side effects from Stevia, good to know this though.

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