How To Increase Productivity At Workplace : The Basics

Productivity is the best way to measure the potential of an organization and also of an employee. There are many ways to improve productivity in the workplace. Time planning and scheduling the work assignments well ahead plays a huge role in improving productivity. Instead of rushing on the deadline it is better to schedule the assignment priority wise. Pressurizing for that extra amount of work to be done always has some after effects. It is advisable to the management to follow a more feasible and flexible approach.

For example, an employee who is forced to do overtime just ensures that he/she is doing the required amount of work needs to be done, whereas if the same employee is told that he will be given an incentive if he exceeds his target work for that particular day then the employee’s approach is different. Different levels of surveys should be rolled out on a timely basis to find out if there is an issue or problem faced by the employee and a thorough analysis and action plan should be taken immediately. Also, it is very much advisable to provide the respective levels of management. Employee engagement and his inputs should be considered so that he/she realizes how much their thoughts are valued and thus ensures that he/she contributes as much as possible.

The Key – Motivating your employees at every step

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Appreciation and motivation emails also play a huge role so that the employee motivation levels are high and his involvement increases. Training the employee on new technologies and weak areas related to the work assignment gives them the confidence to overcome their weakness and do more than required. Noticing their dedication and gifting them with that surprise voucher or snack meal also drives employee motivation.

Recognizing the employee potential and making them realize it also plays a pivotal role in increasing productivity. An employee should be made realized that he/she is part of the organization rather than working for the organization by being given the onus for what he/she does. Celebrating every successful assignment in the form of a cupcake or a dinner gathering as a token of gratitude or appreciation also gives a jovial feeling to the employees.

Top level management should have that interaction right from the intern level so that they know how important their roles and responsibilities are. Employees and management should be supportive and responsible for each other so that their efforts are in a collective way.

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