11 Of The Weirdest Street Names In The U.S. Because Where Else

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If Kylie Jenner can name her daughter Stormi and Kim Kardashian her children North West and Chicago West, could we really blame these people to give weirdest names to these streets in the US?

But seriously! What were they thinking? Or were they even thinking? Or maybe just thinking too hard. Shove it up your butt or not, you can literally drive down the Butt Street in USA because it can only happen in America.

Weirdest Street Names In The US

1. Frying Pan Road

Though the street in Herndon, Virginia has been named to Floris but back in the days, I mean during the 1700s, it was called the Frying Pan Road. I’m guessing it must have been something to do with a frying pan on the road but it is just my wild guess. What do I know? LOL!


2. 100 Year Party Court

Where’s the party tonight? Well, here is your answer. This is not the only street in Longmont, Colorado with the wackiest street name. You will also find Half Measures Drive, Confidence Drive, and Tempted Days Drive while roaming around in the neighborhood.


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3. Bad Route Road

Is it a warning or just another weirdest name in the US? Apparently, it is just a name of the street in residential Montana that may have likely gotten its name after Bad Route Creek, an offshoot of Yellowstone River.


4. Anyhow Lane

The council of Gansevoort, New York could not care less about the funny street name in the US buy they had to name the street anyhow. So, the did. LOL!


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5. Chicken Gristle Road

This road in Granbury, texas will not only take you places but also make you hungry. BRB, Ordering Chicken Wings right away! Vegans and vegetarians may want to steer clear from the road.


6. Pillow Talk Court

Girl, if your boyfriend does not particpate in pillow talk much after the intercourse, then you should drive yourself to the Pillow Talk Road in Las Vegas. You wiill sure get some secrets being shared here.


7. Duh Drive

Naming this street in Bethelhem, Pensylvania was no-brainer. Duh! It had to be included in the leeagues of funniest street names in the US.


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8. Zzyxx Road

Not just the wackiest street name, this road in Mojave’s Desert in California also shares its name with the town it leads to. , a genus of sand wasp, and a thriller starring Katherine Heigl that only made $30 on the box office.


9. Puddin’ Ridge Road

Located in Moyock, North Carolina, thisweirdest name in the US is no compliment. Residents may have named this road because how muddy it usedd to get in the rains before this road was paved. It was like wading through a pudding.


10. Chicken Dinner Road

All credits for the weirdest street name in the USgoes to Laura Lamb in Idaho and her chicken because of which her friend lobbied he governer to improve the condition of the road outside her house. This street will sure lead to hunger.


11. Butt Road

This wackiest street name in the US is not trying hard to be the butt of the jokes because there are actually not one butt (pun intended) three streets in US that are called Butt. Seems like you cannot get your butt out of this one, can you?


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