Falling Sick During Winter? 9 Foods That Will Keep You Healthy and Disease-Free

As much as we’d like to stay in during the winter season, getting cozied up inside a warm blanket, sipping a cup of hot beverage – most of us do need to go out on a daily basis, for work and for school and for running other errands.

Going out in winter is a real risk as it can severely impact our health, human immunity actually becomes quite weak during the cold weather and people keep falling sick.

We have prepared a list of food and beverages that you should have on a daily basis in winter to avoid getting sick, and to help you recover if you are already dealing with some health issue.

#1. Chicken Soup

Image Credit: Healthy Living Magazine

Needless to say, chicken soup is one of the best things you can have during the winter season. It’s full of vitamins and healthy proteins that boost your immunity.

Research has shown that chicken soup is ideal for clearing blocked nose and even for treating sore throat as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Also increase your intake of fish and eggs.

#2. Citrus Fruits

Image Credit: The San Diego Union Tribune

Popular opinion says to avoid citrus fruits during winter but the truth is exactly opposite of that. Citrus fruits such as orange, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit etc. are full of vitamin C and vitamin C is exactly what you need to keep your immune system strong and healthy.

Eat citrus fruits all the season to avoid catching infections.

#3. This unique germ-fighter salad

Image Credit: Alaska from Scratch

A unique salad made of broccoli, cranberries, and red onions is the healthiest type of salad to eat during the winter season. This salad fills your body with an antioxidant called quercetin that keeps all the cold-related diseases at bay.

#4. Spicy food

Image Credit: San Diego Restaurant Week

Spicy foods trigger heat generation in your body, which is why you sweat after eating something particularly spicy. But they are also good for clearing out your blocked nose and stuffy head. And not to mention, spicy foods taste delicious as hell and make the perfect choice of food during the season of cold.

#5. Ginger

Image Credit: BBC Good Food

Viruses run rampant during the winter season, preying on people with weak immunity. Ginger comes with anti-oxidants that block the virus and protect you from all the winter-borne diseases.

Also, it is common knowledge that a hot cup of ginger tea clears your congested nose and cures throat infections.

#6. Dairy products

Image Credit: Nutrition Advance

While people normally suggest to cut down on dairy products during cold because they have a bad reputation of creating more mucus. But that’s just an urban myth, plain and simple. So make sure to go ahead and have any kind of dairy you want, it will give you the much needed energy to function during the cold.

#7. Garlic

Image Credit: MSN

Garlic is excellent in so many ways as it not only protects your body from cancerous elements, but it also fights free-radical damage and removes toxins. Therefore garlic is a strong champion that your immune system needs to fight battles against the viruses and infections during the winter.

#8. Hot tea

Image Credit: The Indian Express

Hot tea has been used since thousands of years to treat cold, cough, fever, and many other seasonal diseases of winter. Best way to have tea is when it’s piping hot, and that’s exactly when it can treat your throat and sinuses to help them function better.

#9. Honey

Image Credit: Medical News Today

If there is any elixir in real life, it is honey indeed. Honey comes with a high level of anti-bacterial compounds, that is why it can survive for a long period of time without needing preservation or refridgeration.

Honey boosts your immune system, and is the perfect food to have when you have a throat infection. For best results, just have a spoon of honey everyday in your milk, water, or tea – and you’d avoid falling sick.


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