Worst Thanksgiving Cake Fails That Will Make You Thankful For Your “Normal” Cake

Thanksgiving is a time of festivities when people celebrate what they are thankful for – their life, their families, their friends and anything else good that is going on in their lives.

Thanksgiving cakes are part of the traditional celebration but there were some heroes who botched up the simple job of making these cakes. And we are thankful because these aren’t going to be the cakes on our dinner table.

#1. We all know what this turkey has been through


#2. Imagine this without the googly eyes

#3. Thanks for the nightmares, whoever made this cake

#4. When you start working two minutes before the deadline

#5. Thanos was right, reality is disappointing


#6. I’m starting a petition to make them stop selling these “cakes” in stores

#7. $7.99 for this dookie cake

#8. What’s the difference between these $8.99 and $3.49 angry penis cakes?

#9. This “turkey” cake just realized how it actually looks like  


#10. Another baker on a tight deadline



All Featured Images Courtesy: Sadanduseless

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