Easy And Proven Ways You Can Stay Disciplined At Work

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Do you find yourself dozing with eyes open at the office? you’re not alone. This happens to the best of us. You see, we humans are intelligent species that can literally die from boredom. Boredom does indeed kill. So this is less about scolding you for being undisciplined and more about keeping yourself alert and awake at work. Before you imagine, no, Coffee is not the answer. The answer is keeping yourself engaged. Let’s dig in.


#1 Reward yourself for meeting targets


Discipline begins with motivation and what better way to keep yourself motivated than the rewars system. You may be feeling underappreciated at work or bored.If you are feeling these things , being undisciplined is the normal suit that follows. However, when you reward yourself for completing daily targets, staying motivated and disciplined becomes very easy. The reward can be anything ranging from a small walk in the park to a guilty chocolate treat.

#2 Take 10 minute naps

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When you’re low on energy, it’s difficult to stay alert and disciplined at work. Maybe you’ve been missing out on sleep or just having too much to do per day. It’s only when you kick the stress off that you can stay calm alert and disciplined at work. Try this mantra: When at work, all you think about is your day’s work and nothing else. Also, quick 10-minute power naps are more than enough to refresh and energize you.

#3 Have a work buddy challenge you

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We humans, love it when challenged. Let’s say your job doesn’t have the most interesting work every day. How do you stay motivated to do your best inthis case?. Well, it’s by challenging yourself. You can even get a work buddy to challenge you on your daily targets. Having this kind of competition at work will keep you discilipnined, notivagted and happy at work.

#4 Bribe yourself


If you’re the kind who does work well when bribed with something you love,this is the way for you. The carrot in this case can be anyhting ranging from movie tickets, tickets to a match, ice skating and so on so.Upon finishing your day successfully and meeting the daily target, you can treat youself to it!. Believe me, this works.

#5 Exercise for 20 minutes before your work shift begins

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Science has found exercise to be a highly stimulating activity in the early hours of day. Exercise , be it walking around a park, jogging or hardocre cardio, improves not just your body but the mind too. A simple workout of 20 minutes can do wonders in keeping you alert and disciplined at work.

#6 Stay hydrated and well fed


Last yet not least; a major reason you may be feeling lethargic at work is because of less water intake and nutrition. Being disciplined comes with being healthy and alert. Being this way comes with feeding yourself quality food along with proper water intake. You may want to check out the type of food you’re eating, as it weighs in heavily on the lethargy factor. As for hydration, your brain needs it to stay alert and working in top condition.

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