7 Ways Your Dog Sleeps And What It Says About Their Mood and Personality

Dogs are adorable little bundles of joy, aren’t they? If you have a dog then you know you have the greatest buddy, and the most effective anti-depressant because dogs love you unconditionally, they see you as their hero, and they just think you are the greatest human being who ever lived.

But enough about what your dog thinks about you, now we are going to talk about how well do you know your dog?

Did you know how many ways your dog sleeps during the day? And what is the meaning behind those sleeping positions?

The sleeping positions of your dog reveal a lot about their mood, health, and personality. Read on.

#1. Curled up into a ball

Wolves and dogs who live in wild surroundings, almost always sleep like this. Being curled up into a ball is the most effective way of staying warm, and also protecting the animal’s vital organs such as belly and chest from potential attackers who might pounce on them while they sleep.

If your dog sleeps like this, then it might be because they are feeling cold or they might be feeling a bit unsafe in the surroundings.

Some happy dogs also sleep like this, since it is actually a warm and comfortable way to sleep that also makes them feel safe.

#2. Side Sleeper

This is a very common way for most dogs to take a nap. Dogs sleep on their side when they feel comfortable and safe in the house, and because their tummy is exposed – they are showing you that they feel safe around you and trust you.

Side sleeper dogs are loyal, happy, and very energetic since they feel at home with you.

#3. The Superman

“The Superman” pose is, without a doubt, the most adorable way a dog can sleep. This sleeping position is most popular in pups since it allows them to wake up instantly and jump into action.¬†Pups sleep like this so that they can wake up and get right into playing.

If your dog sleeps like this, that means they are full of energy and ready to play. If you find your dog sleeping in the “superman” pose then make sure to take them out for a walk or a game of fetch. Be sure that both of you will have a really good time.

#4. Cuddling with you or other dogs

Puppies cuddle with each other when they sleep, and many dogs in the wild sleep with their backs pressed against each other. The purpose of this sleeping position is to stay warm and provide protection to each other, and it also helps them bond with each other. So when you see your dogs cuddling, you know what it means.

And when a dog cuddles with you or sleeps with you, it means that they see you as someone who provides them warmth and protection. It’s the dog’s way of showing you love, and telling you they consider you as family.

#5. Crazy legs

Sometimes you’d see your dog lying on their back, with the feet up in the air and paws curled inside right above their chest.

It means that the dog is feeling warm and wants to cool down by exposing their belly, but it also means that dog feels 100% safe in your home. Exposing belly is a sign of being submissive and vulnerable, which is why wolves and wild dogs almost nevel sleep like this, only your pet dog does.

#6. The Tummy curl

When your dog sleeps on the belly with the front legs tucked behind, it means that the dog is stressed and tired and not able to sleep properly. This position does not allow the dog’s muscles to relax so they cannot get deep sleep.

Perhaps look into it, try making your dog feel safe by cuddling with them or comforting them, giving some nice food, and probably getting them a comfortable bed.

#7. Passed out

On particularly hot days, dog sleep on their back with four legs splayed out in the air. This helps them cool down quickly, and feel relaxed. Dogs who have eaten too much food or got overheated due to playing, often rest and relax in this position.

But it also means that the dog feels happy and safe in your home to be sleeping with their tummy exposed.




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