15 Christmas Design Fails That Are So Inappropriate They Should Be Illegal

There are good designers, and bad designers – but there are some other type of designers who are so hilariously bad at their job it makes good stuff.

Scroll below to check out some of the most hilarious and awkward Christmas fails that are inappropriate to the core:

#1. A “minimalist Christmas tree” in Paris

Some avant-garde designer placed this “Christmas Tree” in Paris, and it rose a huge controversy. Next day the “tree” was torn to shreds by unknown assailants. Good riddance, isn’t it?

#2. Makes you think about Santa’s intentions

Also, why is Rudolph the Reindeeer holding a boy as a hostage?

#3. This monstrosity costs $69.95

What is the symbolism here? We don’t know. Although, these “toys” rose controversy among parents and were pulled from stores all across US.

#4. Such a pretty sight

You will notice that the “ornament” is placed right over high heels section. This could mean so many things, and you are free to draw your own interpretations.

#5. Snowman on snowman on snowman

Their beaming smiles make this piece of “art” even more awkward.

#6. Infinitely wrong

“Don’t open till Christmas” but what happens on Christmas? How did this idea came to life, is something most people will never understand.

#8. Santa does very different things during daytime

Someone did put up the lights display, but guess they didn’t notice how it actually looked during the daytime with the lights off.

#9. 100 points for guessing what is wrong with this picture

If you failed then try looking for Santa’s vanishing hand that reappears from somewhere else.

#10. You will see Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner from behind in this picture

Or at least, their only “talent.”

#11. Pro tip: Don’t jump

Nothing wrong with the picture or the phrase, but everything is wrong with location where it is placed. Get a grip, people.

#12. Those are candle holders

But why the expression? That mystery goes into the dank cellar of unsolved mysteries where even Sherlock can not throw any light.

#13. Who knew chocolate on cookies was such a bad idea?

Yes, that is chocolate. Please ignore what it looks like.

#14. Folded napkins for family’s Christmas dinner

Someone who did this really hated the dinner or the family or just had a wicked sense of humour, or probably all of them? Perhaps all of them.

#15. Santa is standing erect

Which designer thought that making an appropriate Santa figurine was hard?



All Featured Images Courtesy: Sadanduseless



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