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10 Simple Yet Brilliant Interior Design Ideas You Need To Know NOW

Are you moving into a new home or thinking of redoing the whole place? Whatever may be the case, you would be needing some suggestions to design home interiors anyway. What color should be your walls? How to maximize the space? Is this furniture piece right for your living room? The whole process can be a little too overwhelming.

If you too find interior designing a daunting task and costly too, here are a few clever tips to re-do your living space and add some warmth to it.

1. Mirror mirror on the wall

apartment chair comfort comfortable
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Do you think your living room is not big enough? Make small living spaces look bigger instantly with mirror pieces. Not only do they add elegance, but also create an optical illusion of a bigger space by reflecting light. You could either go with one or two large mirrors or assortment of small mirrors in different shapes when you design your home interior.

2. Paint light shades

gray fabric sofa placed indoor
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Another thing you can do to design home interiors is paint your room with lighter shades. Again, lighter shades reflect more natural light coming from the windows making the room appear big. Spruce it up with mirrors and light-shade curtains to maximize the space of your living room.

3. Mix new and old

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If you are looking inspiration to design home interiors, then don’t be afraid to mix things up. There is no rulebook that says old and new do not belong together. In fact, they absolutely do. You can place that contemporary art piece you bought last week from an art exhibition on the antique wooden table you scored from your grandmother. Unless you try, you won’t know how good it looks.

4. Put up wallpapers

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The best way to turn a boring, bland wall in your living room is by sticking up a wallpaper. A colorful vibrant wallpaper can turn dull spaces into attractive corners. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to design home interiors. You can change it anytime you are bored with it or replace with something more elegant and cooler.

5. Get tall furniture

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Do you know what’s clever? It’s putting tall furniture in the rooms with lower ceilings. Even home interiors designs magazine won’t tell you this trick in the book. Put decorative ladders in your living room and even hang adornments on it. You can even place high cabinets in your living room to make it look bigger.

6. Do more with less

two gray frying pans hanging on wall
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Why spend money when you can manage with what you have? This tip comes in handy when you are redoing your kitchen. Instead of investing money on building shelves, you could just arrange your woks, ladles, and even trays on the wall. Believe it or not, it is the latest trend.

7. Take advantage of natural light

photo of green leaf potted plants on window and stand
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Got windows? Let that light flood in. Lighting is one of the most important element of home interiors designs. If you already have a natural source of lighting in your room, then take full advantage of it. Hang muslin white curtains on your window panes so that light is not restricted. Natural light in your room keeps the ambiance lively and lovely all the time.

8. Add plants

photography of table and chairs near plants
Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels.com

Design your home interiors by adding whole lot of green to your space. Plants not only provide texture and color to your interiors but also act as a natural dehumidifiers. Decorate your porch area with plants or put a pot by the windowside in your kitchen. You could also hang vertical flower garden on your living room wall.

9. Use rugs

apartment carpet floor furniture
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Have a hardwood floor? Throw rugs on it. If you are not a carpet person or don’t have the budget for it, rugs make a great alternative. Rugs are playful and functional. You can simply play with colors and textures to add a dimension to your room. The best part is you can replace them any time you want without burning a hole in your pockets.

10. Get some wicker baskets

white and orange daisy flowers on brown woven basket near brown vase
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Why not add wicker baskets to your interior scene? They are economical, environment-friendly, and excellent for storage too. You can use them to display books, magazines, towels, or linen. Whether it is your drawing room, kitchen, or bathroom, wicker baskets make an excellent use everywhere.

Found enough inspiration to redesign your home? Don’t be afraid to test your ideas no matter how crazy they may sound. If it looks good, it works.

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