10 Celtic Cross Tattoos For Men In 2019 You Won’t Stop Obsessing Over

You must have come across cool cross tattoos on somebody’s shoulder and that is when the obsession for cross tattoos began. So much so that you have been looking for cool cross tattoo designs to get on your arm but haven’t set your heart on any. 

Celtic cross tattoos are the matrimony between antique spirituality and modern fashion. The symbol appears a cross with a circle in the background. It is more than what meets the eye There is a deep meaning hidden behind the symbol beyond its ornate beauty which is why some people get this tattoo imprinted in their legs or arms. You too should have your reason before you decide to get one.

What is the meaning of Celtic cross tattoo for men on arm?

If you observe closely, you will see a Christ cross with a circle surrounding the center of the cross. There are different variations of Celtic cross tattoos but the underlying theory remains the same. From the symbol of the crucifix, one must have gathered that this cross tattoo design holds a religious value. The circle, however, represents either Roman God – Invictus, or halo of Jesus as some theories will point out. No one knows for sure but the circle made its way to Celtic artwork.

So, the people who have these tattoos either may have Irish roots and want to pay homage to their roots or they are just firm believers in faith and Christianity. People generally have Celtic cross tattoos where it is visible i.e. arm or leg but you can have it on your back or place of your liking. 

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You will find ornate variations in the motifs of the circle surrounding the cross giving you an array of cool cross tattoo designs to choose from. There are other meanings that Celtic cross tattoos symbolize like hope, life, faith, honor, transition, and unity. This is why you may see a Celtic cross tattoo on the arm of an atheist. 

That’s the beauty of this tattoo. It not only looks cool but also transcends from the violence of religion, hence appealing, even to the eyes of strangers. You will find various designs and artwork that are simply extensions of the Celtic cross tattoos. If you too want to get one, here are a few cool cross tattoos for men to get inked.

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Celtic Cross Tattoo For Men In 2019

Here are some designs that you can choose from if you wish to get a Celtic arm tattoo for yourself:

celtic arm tattoo
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celtic arm
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celtic back
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celtic calf
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celtic cross tattoo leg
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celtic green
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celtic small
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celtic tat
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celtic tattoo arm
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celtic 3d
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