10 Best Lion Tattoos To Get Inked In 2019

Tattoos are bold. They make a statement. And what bolder statement there is than getting a lion tattoo inked on your skin? For fierce and power-loving personalities, lion tattoos make a perfect design option. A lion is a sign of pride and if you feel proud of your roots or even yourself, you know there couldn’t be a better option for you. Among the many popular designs, lion tattoo designs never get old or out of fashion.  

There was a time when tattoos were associated with thugs and goons. It was a statement of rebellion and misbehaved but now it has become a trendy fashion norm. People with tattoos are no longer frowned upon. In fact, strangers wonder the stories behind you getting that tattoo. When one sees a lion tattoo, one is filled with immense respect. It is a statement in itself. You can get any kind of tattoo but what’s important is the meaning behind getting that tattoo. Like a Leo has a good reason to get a lion tattoo or someone who wants to show pride over something can choose to get a lion on his arm. Or if you love Lion King too much, you may take your fanaticism to the next level.

Best Lions Tattoos To Get In 2019

Here are the best lion tattoos to get in 2019 if you have finally found the courage to get a tattoo or just looking for another design to get inked on your body. 

1. A cute Lion King tattoo for women

cute lion tattoo
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2. A lion and a girl tattoo

girl lion tattoo
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3. Lion with crown tattoo

lion crown tattoo
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4. Couple’s lion tattoos

lion king queen couple
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5. Lion face tattoo 

lion king tattoo
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6. Fierce lion face tattoo

lion shoulder tattoo
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7. Cool Lion Tattoo on the arm

lion tats
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8. Lion tattoo with a boho spirit

lion tattoo boho.jpg

9. Lion Disney Tattoos

lion tattoo disney
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10. Hakuna Matata Lion King tattoo

lion tattoo
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It is also the placement of a tattoo that matters. Do you want it to be seen or do you want it to be discreet? Do you want to make a statement out loud or will it just be your nasty secret? Though when it comes to getting a lion tattoo, it only makes sense if it is large and visible. Like a roaring lion, it should speak volumes, unless you have a better lion tattoo design idea for yourself.

For men, lion shoulder tattoo and lion chest tattoo are two great options for placement. The lion head tattoo is perfect for a shoulder tattoo. Nothing says feisty and proud like it. Show the world who rules it by getting a lion crown tattoo. It is definitely royal and tasteful. Won’t you say?



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