10 Tough AF Hand Tattoos For Men Who Are Daring

There was a time when tattoos were a thing for bikers and outlaws but today tattoos have become a symbol of cool and bravo. People used to get tattoos on less revealing places or cover their tattoos when at the workplace. In the past, it even affected their lives in the workplace. Employers refrained from hiring people with tattoos or made a policy of covering them. Today, tattoos are not frowned upon, not as much as they used to be. This is why it makes a great opportunity for men and even women to get hand tattoos. The trend of hand tattoos has increased in the past couple of years and men are getting cool hand tattoos in the backside of their palms or just finger. 

While hand tattoos are in trend, the stabbing pain one gets from getting a tattoo on the hand should not be underestimated. It is undeniably one of the most sensitive and painful regions in the body to get a tattoo. Yet, people get out of their comfort zone to get the best hand tattoos. 

If you think you cannot survive too much pain, you can get a minimalist hand tattoo design on one of your fingers but if you are a real badass, nobody is stopping you from getting a full blown tattoo on the back of your hand. 

Do hand tattoos fade? 

Another thing you should keep in mind before getting a hand tattoo is that it has chances of fading faster than tattoos on less revealing places because it will more frequently come in contact with water.

How much does a hand tattoo cost?

It totally depends on the size of your hand tattoo design. A small finger tattoo may cost you as low as $50. The cost of getting a tattoo also depends on the artist. the more famous he is, higher the price he charges. Don’t try to save any money here because tattoos are more or less permanent things and you don’t want something that you might regret later. However, that doesn’t mean you should splurge money on a tattoo. It is expensive enough already. Do your research before you finalize the design and the artist.

Hand Tattoos For Men To Get In 2019

Here are some cool options for hand tattoos for men to get in 2019. If you want to do it, you might as well go along with the trend or choose something that goes never out of your style.

hand tattoo bird
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hand tattoo books
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hand tattoo colored
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hand tattoo fingers
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hand tattoo idea
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hand tattoo scorpio
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hand tattoo skull
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hand tattoo wolf
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hand tattoo
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