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Camila Cabello Shares Her “First Internet Nude” For 23rd Birthday Celebrations

Camila Cabello turns 23 today, and she has already kicked off birthday celebrations in style. She also has a little sweet treat for her fans as she shared her “first Internet nude” – leading to hilarious responses and reactions from everyone.

After having a good 22nd year of life where she found her love in the form of Shawn Mendes, and also landed a role in the film Cinderella where she’ll be playing Princess Cinderella.

“I’m 23 in a few hours so I’m posting my first internet nude”

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Camila posted a pic of hers wrapped in a blue towel, and titled it her “first internet nude.” Obviously, the whole thing was done with a tongue-in-cheek humour as it was just her photo as a baby.

Fans were gushing over the picture and admitted that this is not what they expected at all.

Here’s the Instagram post

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I’m 23 in a few hours so I’m posting my first internet nude

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Camilla’s 22nd year was amazing as she found Shawn Mendes

Image Credit: Fox News

Camilla has had a dreamy year as she found Shawn Mendes, and the duo has never shied away from showing their love. They have been often captured doing PDA any chance they get. A kissing video of them had gone viral last year, for some bizarre reasons.

She will be now playing Princess Cinderella as well

Image Credit: Capital FM

Columbia Pictures is producing a retelling of the fairy tale Cinderella, and this live-action romantic comedy stars Camila Cabello as the Princess Cinderella. The film will be released in 2021.

This will Camila’s first ever major role in a movie. And what better way to start her film career than by playing as one of the most popular and beloved princesses in history?

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Camila is going to celebrate her birthday in England, in the countryside of expansive greens and open skies – where she is currently filming her lead role as Cinderella.


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