Video: Bride Surprises Colorblind Groom With A Life-Changing Gift He’ll Never Forget

In the dark times that surround us, we all could use a heartwarming story every now and then.

This bride gave a life-changing gift to her groom, something that he will never forget. Video of this amazing bride and groom is going viral – making people cry tears of joy all over the world.

And we sure hope that it will restore your faith in this world – as long as there is love, there is hope.

She gave him the gift of being able to see colours

The groom, Ty, has been colorblind his whole life – and on the wedding his bride Karli gifted him EnChroma glasses that enable colorblind people to see different colors they couldn’t see earlier.

The first time Ty put them on and noticed the red of a rose, and blue of the sky – he was overwhelmed with emotion. “You guys can see this everyday?” he asked while trying to hold back tears.

He then tries to identify and name all the new colours he is able to see now. Makes you think that some of the most precious things in life are just what we take for granted – seeing colours, for example. Or even seeing at all.

You can watch the heart-melting video here


The couple has been together for more than five years now, and Karli describes their relationship begun as a “high school sweetheart romance” when they became absolute best of friends, and life companions later.

“I was deciding between our colors and what the groomsmen and bridesmaids should wear.” says Karli.

To which Ty replied:

That’s up to you. The color makes me no difference because I can’t see it anyway. We’re here for one reason and that’s to marry each other.

That was the moment when Karli decided to get him color-seeing glasses

“I think that’s the moment that it really hit me,” says Karli.

There I was, sitting and contemplating for hours stressing about what colors to have for our wedding and my husband just cared about the true meaning of our day—not a silly color. It made me open my eyes and realize what we take for granted every day.

So she decided to give him the gift of colour in his life, EnChroma glasses which are really expensive but make incredible gifts for someone like Ty.

“The experience of giving him the ability to see color will never leave my memory!” says Karli excitedly.



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