Never Do These 10 Things On A Flight. Ever.

Travelling can be stressful for most people, and while the flights of 21st century are much safer, much faster and obviously more comfortable – there are some habits of travellers that put their own safety at risk.

These habits seem harmless, but they can cause dangerous risks to your health and well-being if you are not careful. We have compiled a list of things you should avoid doing on a flight, to ensure your own safety.

#1. Don’t drink soda

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Soft drinks contain dissolved carbon dioxide and it releases faster because of the low air pressure at high altitude of the flights. If you drink soda then the gas in your stomach can expand by almost 30%, causing bloating and nausea and even vomitting. It’s better to stick with plain bottled water.

#2. Don’t munch on the ice in your drink

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Did you know that the water tanks of airplanes are so rarely cleaned? A study by Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center found that there are bacteria and germs in the water that comes from the tank, and the same water is used to make ice cubes. So make note to skip the ice cubes from your drinks.

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#3. Don’t just sit in your seat all the time

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It’s a known fact that airplanes seats are poorly designed, with the goals of having as many seats as possible while keeping minimum leg space for passengers. If you are going on a long flight, then sitting still for a long time increases the risk of developing blood clots in your veins, also called as deep vein thrombosis.

It is advised to get up from your seat once in a while, take a walk around, or stretch your legs and knees in your seat, or try twisting your body from side to side while sitting in your chair. Just keep the circulation going.

#4. Avoid contact lenses

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The low-pressure air in the airplane cabin is dry and can dry out of the contact lenses, causing irritation and discomfort. Wear glasses while flying whenever you can.

#5. Don’t eat food after it’s fallen on the tray table

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To put it plainly, tray tables are as filthy as can be. They are very rarely cleaned by the maintenance crew, so they harbour huge host of bacteria and germs. Flight attendants have reported that some parents even use the tray tables as a changing table for their babies, while some put their feet on it.

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#6. Stay hydrated

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Like I wrote earlier, the air in cabin is dry and set at a low pressure. That’s because the air is designed to be similar to the air of highest altitude humans can breath at. This causes dehydration and parched throat, and you might want to chug multiple bottles of water to stay hydrated.

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#7. Skip coffee and tea

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A study by Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center found that stored water of most airlines failed the safety tests. They found that the tap water in the plane is full of bacteria, germs, and dirt. The tea and coffee are made from the same water, and even though the water is boiled – it is still a safe bet to skip it.

#8. Don’t be barefoot

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Flight attendants have complained that they often find people walking barefoot on the carpet inside the plane. This is extremely unhygienic since the carpets have faced everything from vomit, spilled food, and even blood.

There are germs on the carpet, and even on your seat and everywhere else in the plane. It’s better to keep minimum skin contact with anything in the plane.

#9. Don’t feel embarrassed to tell a flight attendant you’re not feeling well

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While there are some people who frustrate the flight crew with unreasonable demands and petty arguments, there are some people who might feel like they are annoying the crew with their concerns. If you are one of those nice people, then never think that your health and safety is some sort of annoyance to the crew.

Flight attendants are highly trained professionals to handle any kind of emergency, and you should feel free to ask them questions or ask for their help.

#10. Don’t fall asleep before takeoff

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When the flight takes off, the pressure in your ear is equalized and you can do it faster if you chew gum while staying awake. If you fall asleep before the take-off then it takes longer for the air pressure in your ears to equalize, and it can cause severe headaches.



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