Miami Mansion Where Jamie Foxx Had A ‘Spiritual Awakening’ Is Up For Sale

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Is there a house that can make you feel ‘spiritual’?

There is, and Jamie Foxx has lived in it. Anyone, including Django Unchained star, would feel spiritual when they get to live in a sprawling 10,000 square feet villa with a home theatre and private access to the beach.

The Mediterranean-style crib will make you want a celebrity life after you see the photos of the villa. From the towering ceilings to rooms with open spaces concept, everything about this mansion is grand and luxurious.

What makes this Jamie Foxx mansion in Miami so dope?

1. Its 25 tiled staircase that looks so tropical.

A ‘staircase to heaven’, we think. It definitely leads you to more awesomeness in the house.

Image Source: airbnb
2. A gourmet kitchen with a bar because, guess what, it’s in Miami.

Even if you hate cooking, this gourmet kitchen with double appliances will become our favorite part of the house. Fix a mean cocktail for yourself in the swanky bar to beat the Miami Heat.

Image Source: airbnb
3. The 1,000 square feet Master Bedroom

And, there are nine of these suite bedrooms. Only one word for it – whoa! One bedroom in this house is as big as the apartments of some of us. Feeling jealous? We know we are.

Image Source:
4. This could only mean one thing – king-size bathrooms

The soaker tub is all you ever wanted.



5. It comes with a pool, cabanas, and direct access to the ocean

One can literally stay all day by the pool and enjoy the calming music of the ocean waves. That’s not all. There is even a BBQ for summer, an outer cottage for two people.

Image Source: airbnb

How to get Jamie Foxx mansion?

Apparently, the oceanfront villa at 1201 NE, 83rd Street in Miami where Jami Foxx stayed back in 2016 is up for grabs. You only need $5.4 million. Take our money (if only we had it, lol).

Got a huge bank balance? Maybe you should grab it if you want a celebrity life. Living in this place is totally worth it.


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