“Airport From The Future” Just Opened In Beijing, Here Are The Pictures!

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Daxing International Airport in Beijing is being widely hailed as the airport of the future, not just by media but engineers and architects from across the world seem to agree as well. But hidden behind the construction of the airport, there is something less obvious, something most people fail to see when they gaze its brilliantly glistening gold and glass mega terminal and main concourse.

Let’s start with the pictures, shall we?

The Starfish

Image Credit: Business Traveller
Image Credit: Magic Box

Dubbed by the Chinese media as the Starfish due to its unique shape, this airport has seven runways. 40,000 workers have built this airport with a construction cost of $11.5 billion, continuously working since 2014. This airport terminal has the size of 97 football fields.

Designed to handle 72 million passengers and 2 million tons of cargo

Image Credit: Travel Update

Daxing is designed to accommodate 72 million passengers and 2 million tons of cargo annually, as projected by 2025. It is set to rival Beijing National airport which is the second busiest airport in the world with 101 million passengers passing through. Busiest airport in the world happens to be Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta which handles 107 million passengers.

With this airport, China is set to outrace US in being the biggest air travel market by 2022.

8,000 rooftop windows

Image Credit: Blues Wan
Image Credit: Arch Daily
Image Credit: CDN
Image Credit: CGTN

8,000 rooftop windows are installed here, to allow the sunlight to illuminate the interiors of this airport. On the other hand, there customer-service robots that provide travelers with flight updates and airport information.

Will reduce walking distance to a minimum

Image Credit: SCMP

There have been complaints from passengers about most airports, that they literally have to walk a mile in going from the security checkpoints to gates and flight boarding. Daxing has ensured that even the farthest gates won’t be more than 600 meters away. That is just about 8 minutes of walking, maximum.

High-end restaurants and stores all within the premises

Image Credit: Wikimedia

Well, you can imagine the cost of things there – when ordinary airports charge you an arm and a leg. Although, this whole paraphernalia is for those who can indulge, so they wouldn’t complain.

Although, the airport is set in area famous for its traffic jams

Image Credit: China Discovery
Image Credit: Arup
Daxing is set in far south of Beijing, the area which is notoriously infamous for extreme traffic jams. Officials have said that there will be high-speed rail and express trains that will take the passengers from the airport to the city within just 20 minutes.

Here comes the creepy part

Image Credit: Projektn

Travelers will continuously be scanned on cameras using facial recognition. AI will be fully automated and will be capturing your face wherever you go, relaying them to the security and departure gate. As if it wasn’t already enough that the surveillance captured your texts and calls and internet searches to sell you stuff, now arrives the next level dystopia where your face and finger prints are not only captured and saved but are constantly kept on watch as the surveillance system stalks you throughout.

View is undeniable, though

Image Credit: Airport Business

Although it can’t be denied that the view of the airport is breathtaking.

One can only wish that the 40,000 people who built this “utopia” with their blood and sweat would ever be paid enough to have a stake in all the services this airports offers. But what am I talking, the bird of fancy has flown already.



Featured Image Courtesy: Latestly

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