A Photographer Climbed Risky Spots In Hong Kong – What He Captured Will Stun You

If you have already sent exhausted all your leaves and can’t take a trip to Hong Kong this year, then don’t worry. These spectacular shots of Hong Kong by the photographer, Tamas Rizsavi, will give you an aerial tour of one of the hippest and happening destinations in the world. 

When Instagram is flooded with all sorts of Travel photo fads (remember, #followmeto series?), this photographer has tried to bring a unique perspective to Hong Kong by climbing the most adventurous and risky spots in Hong Kong. The job was indeed risky but the output was surreal. Never have you ever seen such astounding photos of Hong Kong from the top. Enjoy the glittery skylines and surreal sunrises from the land of Hing Kong through this photographer lens. Even a drone would not do justice to these shots.

Well, you can’t really say whether these photos make you feel ecstatic or hard-hitting FOMO. So, decide for yourself.  By the way, if you have vertigo aka fear of heights, then you will feel a bit of a head rush by looking at these photos. So, viewing at your discretion.

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