12 Dumb Amazon Reviews That Are So Bad, But Hilarious AF!

Imagine living in a world where we can express our views and just scrutinize people and services everywhere. Oh, we already do. It’s called the Internet. It is a free world (more or less) where anyone can share their opinions about anything, no matter how lame they are. Take these funny Amazon reviews below for an example. 

You will go like what were they thinking? Were these people even thinking? Yeah, that’s how dumb these reviews are.

Amazon is a giant e-commerce website where you find everything, from a TV set to a banana slicer. So have you all kinds of buyers. If you have any qualms about a product, you can read about its ratings and reviews from other users. But not all of them will help you make a decision. Some of these will make you arrive a conclusion on how dumb people can be. After you have had a stroke of ire, these reviews will surely elicit a chuckle, if not a mighty laugh.

Take a look and share them with your colleagues for a good laugh because we both know no matter how much work you have, you will still find ways to slack. Lol.

#1 She should leave her husband though

review 1

#2 If sex change operation were really that easy

review 2

#3 Oops! Spoiler Alert. The publisher should have known better.

review 3

#4 Is your MIL a monster too? This might help.

review 4

#5 How could you possibly use a Banana-slicer for BDSM stuff?

review 5


#6 This art & crafts glitter will help you with projects and… erm.. revenge

review 6

#7 Burnnn…

review 7

#8 After reading the review, I wouldn’t even want to gift it to someone I hate

review 8

#9 Why though?

review 9

#10 just can’t ROFLing 

review 10

#11 Relationship saver!

review 11

#12 Give him an answer, Scorsese!

review 12



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