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8 Healthy & Easy-To-Cook Recipes Your Kids Won’t Be Able To Refuse

One of the most daunting tasks as being a mother is to cook for kids. Kids are picky and they hate trying new things. This is why it is a great challenge to cook healthy recipes for kids every day. More sympathies to you if you have more than one because then each of them will have different preferences.

Cooking healthy recipes for your kids is almost like a magic trick. It has to both tasty and have broccoli in it for the sake of your child and your satisfaction. You cannot feed your kids Mac n Cheese or chicken nuggets daily, can you?

If you struggle daily with what to make for dinner which is both kid-friendly and healthy and starting to give up, then here are some suggestions to cook healthy recipes for kids that will cheer both you and your munchkins.

Healthy Recipes To Cook For Kids

1. Make Your Own Taco

close up photo of rice and tacos
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Why should you do the job when your kids can make their meals themselves? All you need is taco shells, grated cheese, and an assortment of veggies. The latter can be a mix of healthy options and what your kids like the most. There could not be a more creative way to cook for kids. In fact, it is almost a no-cook recipe.

2. Creamy Fruit Salad

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Kids love sweets. Fruit salad kills two birds with one stone. Not only it ensures putting fruit in your kid’s belly but it also suffices the sweet tooth in your babies. All you have to do is cut up some fruits like kiwi, strawberries, bananas, pomegranate, and mix it all in fresh cream. Your kids are going to love it. To make it more interesting, you can cut fruits in exciting shapes using shape cutters.

3. Homemade Cookie Balls

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These bite-sized cookie balls qualify as a perfect recipe to cook for kids. Again, it is a no-cook recipe to meet the dessert requirements of your children. What makes it healthy are rolled oats and flaxseeds rolled in almond butter ensure protein intake.

4. Garlic Chicken and Potatoes

Image Source: pixabay.com

This recipe is perfect for the busy moms who want to cook healthy recipe for kids. All you have to do is grill chicken breast and potatoes wedges drizzled with olive oil and garlic in the oven, and you are done. You can also add brown sugar and lemon to amp up the flavor. This dish is simple and comforting to cook for kids.

5. Almond Fish Sticks

Image Source: wikipedia.commons

If you don’t want to serve fried food for your kids, you can go with this healthier alternative. Coat fish sticks with egg yolk and then crushed almonds and bran flakes and bake them in the microwave. Fish does not take much time to cook and is also a rich source in protein. Serve it with marinara dip.

6. Pasta Salad

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Make your kid’s lunch scenes interesting with Pasta salad. All you have to do is mix some boiled pasta with olive, chickpeas, diced carrots and cucumbers. You can add more things depending upon the liking of your kid to the salad and won’t have to about his half-eaten lunch box anymore.

7. Egg muffins

egg muffins
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If you want suggestions for handy, healthy and delicious breakfast, it is this. Egg muffins are easy to cook for kids and delish too. Just put the omelet mixture into muffin molds and bake in the microwave for a while. You can add spinach in the mixture to make it healthier. Just hand a muffin to your kid, throw him in the car, and before you drop him at school he would have finished his breakfast.

8. Tortellini Soup

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If you are wondering what to make for dinner that’s kid-friendly and healthy, then it is Tortellini Soup. It only takes 20 minutes to cook and is made with fresh vegetables. It’s got spinach, tomatoes, parmesan, and seasonings. Your kids will wipe their plates clean because it is so delicious.

Hope you should not have a problem when you cook healthy recipes for kids next time. These healthy and easy to cook suggestions have your cover the next time you cook for your kids.



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