7 Unprofessional Behaviours That Might Be Costing You A Promotion

Are you jealous that Susie, the sycophant got a good appraisal and you didn’t because you didn’t flatter your boss? The reason why you didn’t get a handsome appraisal this year is not that you didn’t work hard enough or didn’t suck it up to your manager. It could be because of your unprofessional behavior. It may not have come to your notice but it sure did in your boss’s observation. You may think that these small things don’t matter, but it surely does when you are in a professional work environment and appraisals are just around the corner.

Have you been showing any of these unprofessional traits? If yes, it’s time to change them. 

1. Excuses, Schmooses

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How good are you at owning up to your mistakes? Making excuses won’t save your ass every time. Sometimes, you have to be honest to yourself and your boss. He knows very well that nobody is perfect. taking ownership of your mistakes goes a long way. It shows that you are responsible and willing to learn. 

2. Sloppy dresser

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You may like to come to the office in flip flops but it looks unprofessional. Your office has a casual dress code does not mean you come to the office wearing whatever you like. You work in a professional environment. Dress like it. 

3. Gossip mongers


The last thing you want to be known as in the office is a gossipmonger. Nobody likes people who gossip no matter how much they enjoy the spice. Talking poorly about someone will only tarnish your image in your office. 

4. Delayed replies

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How long does it take you to reply to your boss’s emails? When you are prompt with your replies even after business hours, it portrays you as responsive and dependable. If you want to get ahead in your career, you need to adopt this habit. 

5. Personal calls during work

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It is simple. When you are in the office, you are supposed to work. Taking personal calls at work does not look professional at all and put you in a bad light. So, when you are asking deets from your sister from last night’s family gathering you could not attend, think twice. So does scrolling on Instagram or sharing memes with your BFF.

6. Always late

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You may think it is not a big deal but reaching office late has cost you so many exciting opportunities and a raise. Being chronically late does not reflect well on your behavior and gets you all the wrong attention. Besides, it is a great argument for your manager to deny you a raise. So, you may want to start being punctual.

7. Leaving early

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If being late gets you unwanted attention, so does leaving early from work. No manager likes an employee who is the first one to leave. It shows that you don’t care about your work. Leaving early is fine once or twice but don’t make it a routine. At least, make an effort to complete your designated hours at work for your sake.


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