9 Clothing Items In Your Wardrobe That Are Inappropriate For Work

Your office may have a casual dress policy but don’t take it too far away. It does not give you the right to wear anything you like to work. There are some clothing items you should reserve for informal occasions or girls night out, not for office. When you are in a professional environment, you need to respect the boundaries.  Do not kill your chances of getting a promotion by wearing tacky clothes to work.

Here are a few things you should remove from your office wardrobe right away.

1. Backless tops

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You are going to raise a lot of eyebrows when you wear backless top to work. HR want their employees to be productive and not distracted. Need I remind you how big a distraction your bareback can be for people?

2. Thin leggings

thin leggings
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Wearing thin leggings to work can be more awkward for people around you than yourself as it gets unwanted attention to your crotch area (cameltoe fiasco). Thin leggings are more suitable for yoga classes

3. Flip flops

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I know it is a bummer for some people (techies) but wearing flip-flops to work is unacceptable. You give callous and carefree vibes out when you wear flip-flops to work and that’s the last thing you want.

4. Uncomfortable clothes

Woman wearing fitting shirt, mid section
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We all have a top or jeans that we keep adjusting all the time every time you wear it. You may not be ready to part ways with it but skip it for work, will ya? Why wear something to work anyway that you are comfortable in?

5. Strapless tops

crop top
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There are some clothing items that you do not wear to work and the strapless top is one of them. Reserve strapless tops and spaghetti straps for a girls night out rather than a casual day at work.

6. Tight clothes

tight clothes
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If your clothes have started highlighting your love handles, it is an indication that you need to go shopping and buy clothes of appropriate size. You may not notice it but your colleagues do when parts of your body are revealed unintentionally.

7. Revealing clothes

revealing clothes
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Girl, it is your body and choice and nobody can tell you what to wear but let’s not take it too seriously when we are at work. It may not be a good idea to wear that revealing blouse that flaunts your cleavage to the work, especially when you have a meeting. 

8. Offensive Clothes

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By offensive, it means t-shirts with cuss words and vulgar graphics. How do you decide if something might be offensive to people in your office? Here are the ground rules: if it is something that you won’t say to your mother or could get beaten up for, don’t wear it to the office. If it is censored for public, don’t wear it to the office.

9. PJs

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Really? Do we really need a discussion about it? Don’t come to work like you just woke up and transported right at your desk from your bed. Leave PJs for slumber with friends.




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