30 Animals Hilariously Renamed by the Internet

Internet is a treasure trove of hilarious stuff. When some user on Twitter suggested that perhaps we should rename the animals and call them by names that make more sense when you look at them – and that’s how we got Leather Bubblebear, and Stingy Sea Condom.

Wanna see more? Here’s a list of most hilarious animal names as coined by witty users of Twitter and Reddit.

#1. Stingy Sea Condom

Image Credit: Khoahoc

Jellyfish? Nah. I mean you look at it and you see a giant sea condom, and well, it stings. Ask Monica Geller.

#2. Leather Bubblebear

Image Credit: Viral Share Buzz

A giant inflatable bubblebear, made of leather. No wonder they easily go flap-flop in the water. You can also call them floaty cows but that’s a bit of a stretch.

#3. Battle Unicorn

Image Credit: Bing

Ever seen a Rhino charging? Imagine a unicorn donning a leather armour and a bulky exoskeleton. And then rushing at you like a leather tank.

#4. Disco Turkey

Image Credit: Poster Foundry

Disco was popular for a decade, but disco turkey is forever. That bling doesn’t lie.

#5. Meth Mouse

Image Credit: Los Angeles Times

Just a lemur that has been breaking bad.

#6. Sabertoothed Jungle Tuba

Image Credit: The Stand News

The Jungle Tuba that, ironically, trumpets all over the jungle.

#7. Electric Nope Rope

Image Credit: Science News For Students

There are so many types of nope ropes but be especially aware of the electric one. It can produce 600 volts.

#8. Luggage Horse

Image Credit: Wikimedia

Already has two backpacks full of food (fat, to be precise), and will carry your luggage too. Bless the Bactrian Camel, also known as the luggage horse.

#9. Contempt Puppy

Image Credit: YouTube

Contempt puppy is the only happy that doesn’t think you’re a bundle of sunshine in his life.

#10. Nosey McWeinerface

Image Credit: Nat Geo

An inhabitant of the Southeast Asian island of Borneo, Nosey McWeinerface is not happy with the name y’all gave them. They would much prefer to be called by their real name, which is Proboscis monkey.

#11. Overcaffeinated Cuddlemonkey

Image Credit: Science Alert

Another one from Madagascar, the land of Lemurs. Name is self-explanatory.

#12. Pantless Thunder-Goose

Image Credit: Metro

The thunder-goose can run at the speed of 70 kph when they are not wearing pants. To know how fast they’ll run while wearing pants, someone will have to put pants on them – which is hard considering their kick is strong enough to kill a lion. Good luck.

#13. Wizard Cow

Image Credit: That’s Farming

So much crafty than a regular cow. Can climb mountains and shit for the quest and adventures.


Image Credit: Imgur

Better known as the Sarcastic Fringehead, this cutie can turn really terrifying when it wishes.

#15. Toothy McNudist

Image Credit: MDPI

Gina Linetti in Brooklyn Nine Nine had the mole rat as her spirit animal for a while. But Toothy McNudist surely has other accolades to his name.

#16. Muppetclaw

Image Credit: Reddit

Also known as the Nature’s wolverines.

#17. American Murder Log

Image Credit: Area Delta 4

This murder log is huge and bulky, and quite slow moving on land – but it can still run at 50 kph. Fast enough.

#18. Toupee McTrump bug

Image Credit: Gizmodo

Also known as South flannel moth or Trumpapillar named after Donald Trump’s hair. It is extremely venomous, and you should never touch it.

The bug, too.

#19. Sir Huggles von Deathcuddle

Image Credit: Fine Art America

Fluffy deathcuddle. Aww.

#20. Deady McLongtime

Image Credit: School Specialty

Also known as fuel.

#21. Floaty Potato

Image Credit: Cltampa

Manatees are also called sea cows. They are herbivorous, they are mammals, they are cute.

#22. Stab Rabbit

Image Credit: San Diego Zoo

The stab rabbits often wound the young Cheetahs and lions who try to hunt them. Pretty cool, eh?

#23. Hot Moose

Image Credit: East Idaho News

Hot enough to give you a ride.

#24. Formal Chicken

Image Credit: BBC

Formal chickens are always impeccably dressed for the next corporate meetings, although they keep wondering why after every corporate meeting their ice keeps melting more and more. Surely, there is a catch and Kowalski will analyse it one day.

#25. Fart Squirrel

Image Credit: Science News

Skunk that stunk? Fart squirrel is more apt a name.

#26. Prison Pony

Image Credit: Forbes

Prison ponies from the Savannahs of Africa.

#27. Danger Noodle

Image Credit: Smithsonian

In China, people actually have danger noodles and regular noodles together.

#28. Giraffe Sheep

Image Credit: Shopify

Llama mia, here I go again.

#29. Flappy McBeakbag

Image Credit: Nat Geo

You might think that Pelicans use those beakbags as a built-in lunch box, but those are actually used as fishing nets.

#30. Tyrannosaurus Deer

Image Credit: News Feed

What a turnaround for Tyrannosaurus!



Featured Image Courtesy: Imgflip



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