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10 Sad Friendship Quotes That’ll Make You Miss Your Sucker Best Friend

There is nothing worse than losing your best friend over a silly fight. Anyone who thinks break-ups are the worst has never lost a friend. It gets agonizing and hurtful when you have no one to talk to, especially the person with whom you shared even the most boring details of the day. You have no more person to tag in the hilarious memes or dump your emotional rant on. You have no person to gossip with or make fun of people and everything hurts.

Whenever you listen to Charlie Puth’s “I’m only one call away” at times like these, it strikes all the chords in your heart.  Never let go of your friends over some stupid reason. Before you know it, you mention them only when you are narrating old stories to your children. The nostalgia will hit you hard and you would regret not calling them sooner.

Your friend must have forgotten or forgiven about the stupid thing that made you guys fight. Or maybe you should forgive him or her because there is nothing in the world worth fighting with your friend and stop talking to him. Be the bigger person. Call them or at least send them a text. 

Sad Friendship Quotes

If you do not have the courage to call your friend yet, read these sad friendship quotes that will break you into tears and make you call that jackass you call your friend.

1. We don’t talk anymore. What was all that before?

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2. Ah! One of those broken friendship quotes that make you cry.

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3. Feeling sad already?

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4. Well, this friendship breakup quote is just… sad.

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5. Trust me, homie! You don’t want this broken friendship quote to become true.

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6. Isn’t this one of the sad friendship quotes that make you wanna cry?

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7. Well, sometimes, it is just wise to let it go, no matter how much you tried.

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8. Nothing worse than this feeling in the world

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9. Don’t let ego take your friends away from you. 

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10. Yes, you do! Now pick up your phone send a text to your friend.

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