22 Nail Polish Memes That Have Perfectly ‘Nailed’ Humor

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Are you addicted to nail polish? If yes, these nasty funny memes will also make you addicted to humor.

We all have that one girlfriend who is never tired of buying nail polish and you meet her, her nails are manicured in a different fashion every single time. Nail paint addiction is real as much as nails are an indicator of your health. Just ask the girls in your group. If you have taken more rounds to a nail salon than at a grocery store, you definitely have the addiction too and can even relate to these dirty humor memes about nails.


1. Guilty as charged

nail meme 12

2. Don’t get on my nails… erm nerves

nail meme 11

3. Can’t risk it

nail meme 10

5. Them nail jokes. Hahaha… very funny!

nail meme 9

6. This funny meme saying is true to its core!

nail meme 8

7. This nail polish meme is on fleek!

nail meme 7

8. Nailed it. Lol!

nail meme 6

9. Tell me something I don’t know

nail meme 5

10. This nasty funny meme is every nail polish addict

nail meme 3

11. Applying Nail polish is therapy

nail meme 2

12. This nail polish meme is so me!

nail meme 1

13. So immature

nail image 22

14. At least I have the skills

nail image 23

15.  ‘Treat yoself’

nail meme 13

16. The struggle is real

nail meme 14

17. Unconventional methods

nail meme 15

18. Just can’t ignore this dirty humor meme

nail meme 16

18. Pain when tearing a nail > Stepping on a lego

nail meme 17

19. I wish I were ambidextrous

nail meme 18

20. Get me trippin’ in no time

nail meme 20

21. Can’t stop loving… my nails

nail meme 21

22. They don’t know the joy

nail meme

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