22-Year Old Girl Gets Coronavirus, Shares Her Day-to-Day Experience in Viral Tweets

While the Coronavirus is hardly affecting young people, and the mortality rate for people under 40 is staggeringly low – it still can affect young people.

Only 29% of the confirmed cases in US were aged 20-44, while 71% of the cases came from people older than 44. Only 2% of the under 44 people were admitted to ICU, and only 0.2% of these people actually succumbed to the lethal virus.

But surprisingly, 22-year old Bjonda Haliti was confirmed positive with COVID-19 and she received treatment for the infection.

She described what it was like to have the disease, how it felt, and what were her symptoms from Day 1 to Day 12. Her painful and emotional experience while battling a disease that is killing people worldwide.

“I am 22 years old and tested positive for COVID-19”

After being tested positive Bjonda decided that she’ll share her experience with the Internet so that she could bring awareness to people in her age group.

Day 1: Dry cough and sore throat

Day 2: Chills and fever, pain in the eyes and more

She also had migraine, and her eyes hurt so much that she had to sleep all day to avoid the discomfort.

Day 3: Low energy, fever, nausea and more

Day 4: Doctor thought she had a basic infection and gave her Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen is known to mask infections and it makes the detection of Coronavirus difficult – which is why Doctors have suggested that people should switch from Ibuprofen to Paracetamol.

Read full details here: Ibuprofen is risky for coronavirus infection

Day 4: Shortness of breath and heaviness in chest

Day 5: Doctor refused to test for Coronavirus

Then she was advised to self-quarantine for 6 days, which she did.

Day 6: She was still taking Ibuprofen

Day 7: Nothing changed from Day 6

Day 8 & Day 9: She actually started getting better but the worst was yet to come

Day 10: She was tested POSITIVE for Coronavirus

After that she kept herself isolated and while she was getting better, she needed to take the test again to know for sure whether the infection has gone away.

But she is having trouble finding a doctor who will test her again.

She is staying home and keeping HYDRATED

How did she catch the Coronavirus?

This is her, as seen in her Twitter profile picture



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