14 Hilarious Photos of Two-Legged Photoshopped Animals

If it seems like that the weekday is already weighing you down and you need a reason to smile? Photoshop wizards have brought you some more stuff to laugh about, and this is a hilarious list of four-legged animals photoshopped into two-legged animals.

Take a look!

#1. Half-assed

Image Credit: Klikk

This is what it means to half ass something.

#2. How is this creature balanced?

Image Credit: Vietbao

Long and heavy neck on two legs, pretty sure this giraffe will topple head over heels every time it bends to graze or drink.

#3. Llama posing for Instagram

Everything about that pose is self-explanatory.

#4. Is that a bird? Is that an animal?

Image Credit: Freaking News

Or maybe like a straw hut with legs.

#5. Bipedal Horse

Image Credit: Hasshe

Or like someone would say, “It ended even before it begun.” Anyway, still a cool horse. And it won’t get tamed by humans because there is nowhere to sit on this horse. Good for the horse, eh?

#6. This gorgeous steed

Image Credit: Pinterest

With flowing mane and swaying tail, the two-legged beast runs the grassland. And it makes him really happy.

#7. Potato with legs, wouldn’t you say?

Image Credit: Bugaga

Just an otter-faced potato with deer legs. Legit, amirite?

#8. They should be a real thing!

Image Credit: Pxleyes

Fluffy lambs that easier to hold, pick up and play with? Sign me up for this Photoshop class.

#9. Who is a good boi?

Image Credit: A Hot Girl

Lovely doggo. Would definitely love to have him in my apartment.

#10. Eleph

Image Credit: Reddit

I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and forgive myself for being serious – but I like the idea of two-legged elephants, horses, and such. At least they’d have a better life that way, they wouldn’t have to carry humans on their back.

#11. Is that a bunny?

Image Credit: Pxleyes

Looks like a bunny, hops like a bunny. But is really a cat. How do I know? Wait till it opens that mouth and snarls at you for calling it a bunny.

#12. Incredible balance

Image Credit: Freaking News

Rhinoceros is a heavy animal. Imagine putting all that weight on just two legs, especially with that massive head.

#13. Look at him go

Image Credit: DeviantArt

We all know about the rhino charge, now imagine a two-legged rhino charging at you. It won’t just slam you like a four-legged one, it’ll fly into you. Not a good prospect.

#14. No longer the ship of the desert

Image Credit: Dailyhunt

Camels are usually called ships of the desert, but now they are more like bikes of the desert. Still good.



Featured Image Courtesy: Hasshe



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