Is Going To A Bartending School Waste Of Money Or Worth Your Time?

Every time you see a bartender behind the counter mixing your drinks with ease and a whole lot of swag that you can only imagine, you wish you too were a bartender. There cannot be a cooler job on earth than mixing and flaring. Girls dig it. Even guys do. So, getting phone numbers are easy. And, do you know how much money in tips one can make as a bartender? Think big!

The next thing you do is check out bartending schools near you so that you can enroll yourself to be as cool as the bartender you met the other night. Your mind is boggled with all the options of bartending schools that you find in your area. You would not have expected the profession of bartending to be in so much demand. There is a new bartending school opening every day.

Before you enroll yourself for bartending classes, you should consider thinking if your money is worth the hefty fee that bartending schools charge. Do you have any idea what you would get to learn in a bartending school? 

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Sure, you will get to learn sixty different kinds of cocktail recipes at a bartending school. But think of it, you can learn those same recipes on the internet. Thanks to YouTube! Also, no bar manager will ask you about your bartending certificate since it is the experience that matters the most. Then, why would you attend a bartending school to become a bartender? 

While the internet may teach you a lot of things about bartending, there are some things even online tutorials won’t teach i.e. the right way of doing things, for example, the freestyle pour. You can imbibe the method but the internet won’t tell you where you are going wrong.

Whether or not you should go to bartending school, there are two ways to go about it. If bartending is a new found passion for you and you don’t speak the language of liquor fluently, yet you want to become a bartender, then you should enroll yourself in a bartending school. Not only will you be able to make a mean Manhattan by the end of your class but also become a pro. There is another thing you will realize about yourself in the bartending school. You will know whether you are cut out for the grinding behind the bar counter.

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Bartending requires three things the most; skills, passion, and ability to sustain the pressure. You can learn skills from anywhere and passion is something you need to instill on your own. But nobody can teach you to handle the pressure. One session at a bartending school will tell you whether you will survive the environment in a bar on a busy Friday night. Bartending is more than about mugging recipes and getting a bartending certificate. 

Another thing any good bartending school will help you with is getting a job. More importantly, how to get a job as a bartender. They will help you out with interviews and get you short gigs while you land a job. 

But if you are resourceful and be at the right place at the right time, then you may skip the whole bartending school session.



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