6 Important Things To Consider Before You Get Inked For Life

Tattoos are cool but there are several things you should finalize upon before you get one. After all, it is something that’ll stick for a lifetime. You don’t want to get into a rash decision and be sorry later. If you have no clue what to do before you get a tattoo, these important points of consideration will sort you out.

But before you even think through these pointers, you know how hurtful getting a tattoo can be, right? It really hurts as if someone is poking a sharp needle in your body until you are tormented. So, if you have great tolerance for pain, only then think of getting a tattoo. Otherwise, you should take some more time to gather courage. Also, a tattoo is permanent. So, what’s done cannot be undone unless you have loads of money to get a tattoo removal surgery.

What To Do Before You Get A Tattoo?

#1 Select a Design

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The first and foremost thing you need to do before you get a tattoo is to choose a design. Take your time to come up with a design because that tattoo is going to stay with you for the rest of your life. You will definitely want something you regret later. Think of something personal or close to your heart. It can be inspired by your life, relationships, or beliefs. People get the names of their loved ones, meaningful symbols, or even verses from the Bible. It should be something appealing or intriguing in a positive manner so that when people look at it and ask about it, you have an interesting answer. You can even ask the tattoo artists to come up with a design for you.

#2 Choose a Placement

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The next thing you should ask yourself is where that tattoo should be. Do you want it on your back, arm, leg, or just a tiny one on a finger? Placement matters a lost when getting a tattoo. Tattoos hurt but it also depends on where you get them. Some areas on your body hurt more than others. It also comes down to whether you want it to be seen or not. There are jobs that don’t allow you to have tattoos or reject you because your tattoos weren’t concealed. Your design will also decide on the placement. So, choose wisely.

#3 Do you have a reason?

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A tattoo is an art. It is also a memoir. Some people get tattoos because they want to preserve a few precious memories forever etched on their skin, or as they like to believe – soul. Other people may just want to have it because it is trending. Whatever it is, you should have a clear reason why you want to get a tattoo. When you have your answer, you will also have clarity about its design.

#4 Timing is important

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Though you can walk into a tattoo parlor anytime and get a tattoo, there is optimal timing to get inked. Sun is the greatest enemy of a newly done tattoo. So, you might not want to expose your tattoo to direct sunlight. Winter and fall are great seasons for getting tattoos since your body is covered with clothing. This will give the tattoo to heal until summer and you can flaunt it then. Once you get a tattoo, stay away from water for some time to avoid any infection.

#5 Artist Portfolio

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Researching an artist’s portfolio is what you should do before you get a tattoo. Trust me, you don’t want an amateur to doodle on your body. Check out his designs, experience, and previous work and then finalize him. After all, you are trusting him or her with your body. Ask for recommendations from friends. It also depends on what kind of tattoos you want to get. There are all kinds of specialists out there.

#6 Sanitation can’t be Ignored

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Wherever you get a tattoo from, make sure the studio is clean and the artist practices code of sanitation when it comes to equipment. Observe where he keeps all his needles and also ensure he gets a fresh needle when he makes a tattoo on you. He should wear gloves and the shop should be ventilated.



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