Dangerously Invasive Worm-Snake Found In US That Is Impossible To Kill

Many people are scared and grossed out by worms, and considering how squiggly and slimy they are – it’s natural to feel that way.

But imagine finding a giant invasive worm that actually looks like a snake, and is impossible to kill. The soul shudders, doesn’t it?

This worm came from Asia to US and Europe

Image Credit: Insider

Well, Virginia residents have actually discovered such a terrifying and ghastly creature. Someone sent a video to the Virginia wildlife-management company and they were puzzled to see a weird snake they had never seen before.

After some studies, it was found that this is actually a giant worm that reproduces by cutting itself in half.

It is being speculated that the worm is actually native to Asia, and it was transported to US and Europe via plant import many years ago. It has now adjusted to life in the west.

This is why it’s impossible to kill

Image Credit: MemeX

This worm is 30-cm (one foot) long and it has a half-moon shaped head. That is why it has been named the hammerhead flatworm. It eats earthworms and till now it has been not deemed harmful to humans or animals.

According to Texas Invasive Species Institute, these worms split themselves in half, and the back half grows back into the full worm. And that is what makes it impossible to kill.

Because, even if you manage to damage its body and even slice it in half – the front half will crawl away and the back half will start growing back. It can regenerate many times within one month only.



Featured Image Courtesy: Virginia Wildlife