Wi-Fi Is a Silent Killer

Many of us are working from home but that’s not the only reason why we have wi-fi at home. It might be great for anything and everything that we do on the internet but beware of  how badly it affects our health, especially children. Some of the common issues include deteriorating sleep quality and some serious mental health struggles. 

Potential Dangers of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi contributes to development of Insomnia 

Wi-Fi affects our sleep deeper than we think. If you find it difficult to sleep every other night, then one of the major reasons is the presence of too many cell phones and Wi-Fi that cause low-frequency modulations. In other words, exposure to electromagnetic radiation leads to problems catching your asleep. Many of us know that it indeed is harmful to our health, however not many take a concrete action.

Affects Childhood Development 

Here we are talking about how fatal the non-thermal radio frequencies that  Wi-Fi produces can be. Your children’s growing tissues can be enormously affected by these radiations. 

Neutralizes Sperm

Men’s virility is also affected by Wi-Fi. The movement of the sperm is reduced by a significant percentage if you are exposed to Wi-Fi frequencies for long periods of time and which may also cause DNA fragmentation. It can very easily increase the chances of an abnormal pregnancy and fertility issues.

Agitates Brain Function

Our concentration and functioning of the brain is also affected by Wi-Fi. Exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies, may cause memory loss or struggle remembering even the simplest things.

High Risk of Getting Cancer

There is a high risk of tumor development in people who are constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation produced by Wi-Fi.

Cardiac Stress

Many of us are likely to experience physical changes due to the exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies. People who were exposed to these frequencies for long periods of time  had a comparatively increased heart rate than who aren’t. So there is a risk of getting cardiovascular diseases  from Wi-Fi.

How to protect yourself from this Wi-Fi “Radiation”

  • Don’t carry a cell phone in your pockets.
  • During pregnancy don’t keep the cell phone close to your stomach
  • Text more, talk less
  • Don’t setup your wireless router in your bedroom or kitchen
  • Try using the traditional wired phones while you are home.
  • Keep your cell phone on the other side of the room or on the other seat of the car
  • Disconnect all devices that use wi-fi before you sleep. 
  • Baby monitors shouldn’t be used as they radiate microwave frequencies.