15 People Showed the ‘B-Side’ of Their Jobs

There are many different kinds of jobs in the world. Many of us love ours and many of us don’t but let’s admit that all jobs come with their own set of perks and struggles. We often assume that there can’t be anything special about a man driving a cab every single day, however he might meet some really amazing people without even having to go around to meet new people the way we do.

Some netizens shared the things they deal with everyday at work. Check these out and don’t shy away from sharing your opinion in the comments!

1. “I work in a movie theater that is having Endgame showings every 15-30 mins. This is the mess we found in one theater. Please be nice to the staff and clean up after yourself!”

Photo: TheMemx / Reddit

2. A jeweler’s hand after spending hours at the polishing wheels

Photo: Minkiemink / Reddit

3. “Got a new job where I have to wear a uniform and gloves while working outside, and now I look like this.”

Photo: Arxtix / Reddit

4. “The amount of gum from the never-before-scraped undersides of the tables at the bar where I work”

Photo: littlestoflks / Reddit

5. “Every day at work, I rescue these little guys.”

Photo: xxfletch420xx / Reddit

6. “Years of paint built up on my sawhorse at work.”

Photo: mikespo12 / Reddit

7. “The printer ink at my work created stalagmites.”

Photo: DIARRHEA_BALLS / Reddit

8. “The number of lost ID cards and credit cards after St. Patrick’s day at the bar I work at”

Photo: D_castee / Reddit

9. “I got a job at a secondhand book exchange, and this is one of 3 warehouses of books!”

Photo: notgrl / Reddit

10. “My hand after work today”

Photo: fezmop / Reddit, © fezmop / Reddit

11. “My job’s not bad.”

Photo: siobahan84 / Reddit

12. “My hands after 2 hours of working as a cashier. Always wash your hands!”

Photo: eierkuchenudo / Reddit, © eierkuchenudo / Reddit

13. “I guide horseback rides. I love my job…”

Photo: ©Kelleykrider16 / Reddit, Kelleykrider16 / Reddit

14. “I work as a wind turbine tech in Sweden. The view some days are just amazing!”

Photo: hjokke / Reddit

15. “I got to work at a clock tower today!”

Photo: boh_savage / Reddit