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What Your Mattress Wants To Tell You

Having trouble with an uneven mattress? Chances are that it is so because it wasn’t flipped often. Turns out, flipping your mattress is something important in bed-care and hygiene.

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Why flipping your mattress is important

The rule of flipping your mattress came about to prevent uneven wear and tear. A typical old school mattress would sink more under your weight overtime; leaving the unused part a level higher. Uneven mattresses are the stuff of nightmares, so to be safe, flipping your mattress is much better.


So how often must a mattress be flipped? The usual norm of flipping mattresses is after 6 months of use. You can even just rotate your mattress a clean 180 degrees every three months too. Your call!. However, like all things in life, mattresses have also changed now.

Flipping mattresses ain’t for everyone

Turns out, flipping your mattress to keep it firm and even ain’t the requisite anymore. Nowadays markets sell more mattresses that are one-sided compared to the traditional two-sided ones which need flipping. The catch with a one-sided mattress is the fact that the bottom layer is harder than the top. So flipping it would actually leave you pretty uncomfortable.


Many mattresses stopped being two-sided a while back.There are a few models where this could make sense. [There] is often a base support layer (often springs), and then a few ‘toppers’ that are glued on top as a comfort layer. Thus the structure is not symmetrical, therefore if you flipped it, you would be trying to sleep on the support layer, which would be pretty uncomfortable.

Michael Breus, Clinical psychologist and sleep expert

How to know what kind of mattress you own

If you’re unsure of whether your mattress is one-sided or two-sided, use this simple trick to find out. Check both sides of the mattress. If you find both to be of equal firmness, you have a double sided mattress. If your mattress has a side reasonably softer than the other; then you have a one-sided mattress.

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If you own a one-sided mattress, you are free from the responsibility of flipping it. (yay!). if you have a double sided mattress, be sure to give it a flip once in a few months. Turns out, given the fast-paced way of life most of us share; one-sided mattresses are the most type of stock these days. In fact, they come as a relief to quite a few folks.

My customers are almost always thrilled to hear that all of our mattresses are one-sided. They confess that they rarely flip their two-sided mattresses and complain about how hard it is to do. When I explain that mattresses are now being made so that they never have to be flipped, my customers are usually thrilled.

Mattress sales associate to INSIDER

Taking care of your mattress

Flipping aside, mattresses should be vacuum cleaned at least once in a month. This helps prevent dead skin from accumulating on it. Let alone dust, dust mites and all sorts of bugs that’ll eventually make their home in an unclean mattress. Vacuuming your mattress also helps prevent breathing problems.

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If you’re someone who likes to burrow your face in your bed, vacuuming is a must for you. In the end, to keep your naptime happy, this is all your mattress wants to tell you. Take care!.

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