Everything To Know About The Bottle Cap Challenge The Internet Is Raving Over

I love the internet. There is always a new trend or fad doing the rounds on social media websites every day because this generation is all about pop culture. These viral social media trends are crazy, insane, and super exciting that you cannot not participate in the trend. After all, who wants to feel left out and suffer a FOMO in the age of social media?

What is the bottle cap challenge?

For those living under a rock and aren’t aware of what bottle cap challenge is, here is a detailed explanation. It is a challenge wherein the participants try to unscrew a bottle cap with a swift yet delicate roundhouse kick. Sounds pretty easy, but .

Who started the bottle cap challenge?

The trend originated on June 25 when Taekwondo instructor and fighter Farabi Davletchin started the challenge after which other martial artists followed. The trend began to gain momentum when John Mayer surprisingly nailed it and challenge Statham to it. The rest is history. 

Other Hollywood stars and iconic celebrities joined the cult and it soon spread like wildfire to other countries. There are already 319,716 posts on Instagram featuring the #bottlecapchallenge.

Here is the example of Jason Statham nailing the bottle cap challenge.


John Mayer killing it like a pro


Even Mariah Carey couldn’t keep herself away from taking the challenge

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Challenge accepted! #bottlecapchallenge

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Whoa! Hailey Beiber just killed it!!! Even beat Justin to it. LOL


There were some EPIC celebrity failures too.


Here is Blake Shelton using it as a great marketing stunt


And, here is Ryan Reynolds being Ryan Reynolds. Epic & Hilarious!


But this one is clearly the winner to me.


Have you tried the Jason Statham bottle challenge yet?



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