What Actually Is The Invisible Web & Where Can You Access It?

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Internet is vast, as vast as the universe may be. The exact size of the universe is difficult to determine and there is a reason for that. Internet is not everything you have been using it for. There is so much more to it. While you are enjoying attention on social media websites, shopping your favorite items on the go, or browsing cringeworthy videos on the internet, there exists a world, an underbelly of the Internet, hidden away from the reach of the public. It is called the invisible web.

What is the Invisible Web?

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Invisible web is the part of the internet which is not indexed by the search engines. Since it is not indexed by the search engines, people who don’t have access to it will never even know the existence of it.

But it does exist.

There are websites and webpages with no links leading to them and these webpages store data and information that should be protected from the commoners for security reasons like specialized databases, online banking, etc. These websites are out of reach from search engine crawlers which crawl through millions of webpages to give you the desired results.  

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The invisible web has a darker site too which is why it is also denoted as the Dark Web or Deep web. Hackers and miscreants use this web for all kinds of shady businesses. You will find all sorts of contraband selling online on the dark web. Cryptocurrency is one of the things that take place on the dark web. This is why it is not accessible to all.

There are no studies but it has been estimated that the Dark web is much bigger than the surface web or the Internet that commoners use. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook alone store petabytes of data between them. So, you cannot even estimate the mind-boggling numbers we are dealing with right here.

These anonymous or invisible sites are accessed through Tor or The Onion Router which is a series of interconnected nodes that allow you to use Invisible web.

Which is the best invisible web search Engine?

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Just like you have a number of search engines on the surface web, there are multiple invisible web search engines too, Each has their own purpose and agenda. So, it totally depends on what you are looking for. Here are some of the best invisible web search engines:

1. DuckDuckGo

A well-known private search engine. DuckDuckGo also lets you explore the dark web. It uses more than 500 standalone search tools and goes way deeper than Google for regular search anyway. In fact, if you pair both the versions,  you can actually perform a web search on the entire Internet.

2. USA.gov

Surprised much? In case you didn’t know, USA.gove operates on the invisible web. Most of the information will not be available on Google. It has access to the material you will need on any federal agency, state, local, or tribal government.

3. Voice of the Shuttle

Set up in 199, Voice of the Shuttle is an incredible resource which boasts an impressive collection of deep web content. For anyone with interest in humanities, this invisible web search engine is a jackpot.

4. Pipl

If you ever want a detailed snapshot on a person, hit Pipl. It is the world’s largest people search engine that can interact with court records, member directories, searchable databases, etc. so, there you have it.

5. The Hidden Wiki

Not accessible through a standard web browser, The Hidden Wiki is your portal to dark web series, forums, whistleblowers, commercial services, and what not. It is a community-edited directory of dark websites. So, you are going to find a lot of stuff here.

6. Elephind

If you are an investigative journalist, then welcome to the single most portal of all the historical newspapers in the world. So, whether you are a family historian, genealogist, or researcher, You will find all the newspapers articles on Elephind. There are more than 3.8 million newspapers on this website.

7. Ahmia

An invisible search web engine with a twist, Ahmia is available on the regular web too. Though you can only access the dark web pages if you have Tor browser installed on your system. So, if you are curious about what lies on the other side, this is the best way to explore without exposing yourself to the risks and threats of the dark web.


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