Here’s How To Celebrate An Environment-Friendly And Safe Holi

Holi is right around the corner and we just can’t keep calm. As exciting and fun the festival is, it’s worth knowing that it doesn’t come without a cost.

Holi is the Indian harvest festival that is celebrated nation-wide and now, worldwide. The festival ushers in the spring season with great pomp and joy. People from all walks of life, caste and creed join in to throw some color around on Holi.

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It’s something the kids look forward to every year. Well, not just the kids, but adults and seniors as well! You can think of this as a fun water fight with a nation-wide family. The colors used in Holi signify the different colors seen in plant blooms during the spring.

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The danger

Originally, Holi’s roots are etched in the right place. The festival brings together communities and people and builds a feeling of oneness. Wonderful indeed.

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Nevertheless, the cheap colors used during this remarkable festival contribute to more than one kind of ailment later on. Maybe in earlier days eco-friendly plant derived colors were used for Holi. Given the modernization of humankind and today’s fast paced life, people now seem to be reach out for whatever is cheap and easily available. Sadly, what’s cheap and easy to procure is made from equally cheap and harmful chemicals.

Celebrate an eco-friendly Holi

It’s been proven medically, the link between chemical colors and skin cancer. Chemical colors even effect your scalp and may cause hair to fall out. You try to save money on these products and end up spending it on the doctor’s office later. Yikes.

Instead, celebrating eco friendly Holi will benefit both you and the environment around you. To celebrate Holi in an eco friendly way this time. Just follow these simple suggestions.

  1. Try to make the Holi colors at home or use natural products
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    If you have ample amount of time you can make Holi colors from scratch at home. Example, use turmeric powder for yellow color, henna powder for green, Hibiscus, red-chrysanthemum and red rose powders for red color. If you can’t afford to make these at home, you can grab them at any general store nearby.

  2. Wear protective head and eye gear
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    Play a safe Holi by protecting your vulnerable organs. Eyes are the most effected part of the body during Holi, followed closely by hair and scalp.

  3. Use water guns with caution
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    Water guns are dangerous if used rashly. They can cause blindness by punturing the unsuspecting persons eye. Play safe this Holi and use these with caution.

  4. Oil your hair before you step into the game
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    To prevent drying out of your scalp and hair loss, oiling is a must.

  5. If you are using chemical colors, avoid particularily these.
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    Avoid the colors purple, blue, indigo and green as they contain very harmful ingredients. Red and pink colors are better in comparison.

  6. Prep your skin before the celebrations
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    Moisturize or oil your entire body before playing Holi. It helps in retaining your skin’s moisture even after the festival.

  7. Try to not swallow any colors
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    Most important of all, please do not swallow any of the colors thrown at you. Unless you know for sure that organic colors are in use.

Play a safe Holi and remain healthy.


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