12 Unbelievable Underwater Photos That Look Like They Are Not From Earth

Every artist and philosopher that has ever been, knows that our Earth is a strange place, probably the strangest place in the entire Universe.

We live here, we see it everyday and it seems just dull and boring to us. Like Alan Moore wrote in Watchmen:

The world is so full of people, so crowded with these miracles that they become commonplace and we forget… I forget. We gaze continually at the world and it grows dull in our perceptions. Yet seen from the another’s vantage point. As if new, it may still take our breath away. 

Some photographers have taken a journey into the heart of the wonder that are Earth’s oceans, and captured such stunning photographs that look like something we’d expect to find on a strange alien planet or fantasy movies overloaded with CGI.

But they’re real, they’re here. Check it out for yourself:

#1. An underwater rainbow in Hawaii

Image Credit: galen.neil/Instagram

Captured in Oahu, Hawaii, this scooba diver is caught in this glorious moment.

#2. A kingdom of colours in Russia

Image Credit: nikiforovegor_1990/Instagram

Brilliant colours of Northern Lights decorate the night sky as glowing starfishes rest under water in Teriberka, Russia.

#3. Beam me up, Captain

Image Credit: j.kowitz/Instagram

What looks like an ancient tribal warrior genetically modified to add flaps to their feet, floating in a beam of light. Location: Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

#4. Psychedelia activated!

Image Credit: grantthomasphotography/Instagram

Vividly coloured reefs glowing in the golden light of the evening sun, as seen in Papua, Indonesia.

#5. Somewhere under the rainbow

Image Credit: galen.neil/Instagram

A diver floats towards the end of a rainbow in Oahu, Hawaii.

#6. Mermaids are real

Image Credit: caymanjason/Instagram

Flowing mane of hair, and long flaps at the feet make this diver look like a mermaid elegantly swimming in the sunlit water. Location: Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman

#7. Haunting depths of this Iceberg

Image Credit: jessica_farrer/Instagram

Everyone knows that Icebergs have 90% of their main body hidden underwater and we see only 10% of them poing out. As seen at the Antarctic Paulet Island, this iceberg shows how huge and deep and terrifying the rest of the icerberg really is. If you were on Titanic, you’d know.

#8. The school of fish has a new student

Image Credit: galen.neil/Instagram

In Oahu, Hawaii. While the water looks like liquid gold under the yellow sun, the fish are having a ball in the warmth as this diver joins them.

#9. A wrinkled ball of water

Image Credit: freedivingcentral/Instagram

These divers took a plunge in Ewens Ponds, South Australia while the photographer captured them from deep underwater. The ripples on the surface and limited sunlight make it look like the divers are trapped inside a ball of water. You can also see the outlines of the white clouds from the sky above.

#10. Chasing a fish tornado

Image Credit: kluge_photo/Instagram

While Sharknado was a bad idea for a movie, the real fish tornado is a school of tiny fish hurtling through the water at impressive speed. And it looks awesome.

#11. And we are all trapped in our own way

Image Credit: deepfreediving/Instagram

A diver gazing thoughtfully at a fish farm in Oahu, Hawaii.

#12. This underwater military museum

Image Credit: alex_dawson_photography/Instagram

We may have not found Atlantis, because obviously it doesn’t exist. There is this Aqaba’s underwater military museum where divers go and explore the derelict relics, and if you imagine hard enough you can create your own background story for these pictures.


Featured Image Courtesy: Instagram



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  1. These are amazing photos, I’ve been doing photography for 34 years,these take talent and knowledge the right time of the day to get your light refactoring perfect, I give these artists a big TEN STARS.

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