This Guy’s Hilarious Response To Online Scammer Girlfriend Is Winning The Internet

This guy named Nick Turani came too close to the greatest “How I Met Your Mother” story he could have told his children.

It all started with a text.

He met a girl online, and within just a day they got so close to each other she started asking him deeply personal questions. She was almost too beautiful and loving, and seemed very curious to know all about him.

The catch? She had a shutterstock photo as her profile picture and there was something about the questions that raised eyebrows.

What do you do when you date a Shutterstock model?

We all get messages like this from some profiles that seem too good to be true. On top of that, someone being so interested in you so that they start asking about your first pet and the town you grew up in – it sounds like a dream.

Probably an alarming dream.

When he asked her about why her profile picture had a Shutterstock watermark, she said she was a Shutterstock model.

As some people tried to warn him, but Nick trusted her

He thought he’d never find love again, but then she came into his life

Slowly, people started getting in on the joke. 

Bro she’s unreal – oh, the multitude of puns in this is staggering.

Nick is already introducing us to some cute friends of his girlfriend

But there were also a lot of people who didn’t get the joke and thought that he was falling for a scam. 

And then there were more who played along with the joke

But this GIF response just won the whole Twitter thread

Incidentally, every question she asked is actually a security question you need to answer to be able to reset the password of your email and banking accounts. People also joked that next thing she might ask him to identify the pictures of hers with streetlamps in them.



Featured Image Courtesy: BeFunky



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