Did Donald Trump Really Receive The “Bay of Pigs” Award?

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the greatest meme of the 21st century, has struck once again.

Remember the time when he bragged about the fake Time magazine cover showing him, and then he showed it at all his golf clubs?

This time, he has claimed that he received the “highly honoured Bay of Pigs” award that doesn’t even exist.

What did he actually say?

Yesterday, he was speaking in Florida where he is currently running behind Joe Biden. He attacked Joe Biden by calling him the hilarious nickname “Sleepy Joe” and then he tried to appeal to the Latino voters by saying that he was awarded the “Bay of Pigs” by the Cuban Americans.

What is “Bay of Pigs” and what is its history?

Bay of Pigs
Image Credit: Al Jazeera

The Bay of Pigs refers to an event in April 1961, when the CIA invaded Cuba and tried to overthrow Fidel Castro and the socialist government of Cuba for absolutely no reason at all.

The only reason USA has ever attacked all the socialist countries is to destroy those countries and then try to spread the propaganda that socialism doesn’t work. After that, they establish a puppet figurehead who helps the capitalists from US who then exploit the resources and labour from these countries.

America-Cuba relations have been soured ever since and even though Barack Obama tried to fix it somewhat, he was still an imperialist and his policies didn’t sit well with Cuba. And now Trump has reversed whatever little efforts were made by Obama by cancelling the educational visas granted to the Cuban citizens.

This is what Trump actually got

Image Credit: FOX

Donald Trump said that when he visited Little Havana in Miami, and went to the Bay of Pigs museum to meet with surviving members of the invaders.

He was given gifts and a brigade pin.

Trump visited the museum again in October 2016, receiving “a hand-painted Brigade 2506 shield” and got endorsed by the Bay of Pigs invaders who are prominently right-wingers. After getting their endorsement, he went on to defeat Hillary in Florida.

Donald Trump even falsely said in his speech that Joe Biden got the Nobel Peace Prize, before bragging about his two-time nomination for the award. But that isn’t a big deal since even Adolf Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.



Featured Image Courtesy: Inquisitr