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Top 5 Resume Writing Tips

When applying for jobs and internships, you will typically need a resume that summarises your work experience and is one page long at the beginning of your career.

Here are some pointers to help you get your resume in tip-top shape:


1. Plan ahead of time

Your resume is not a comprehensive list of everything you’ve ever done. Select the experiences that best reflect your skills and problem-solving abilities. Rather than using generic headings like “work” and “volunteering,” group similar positions together with tailored titles that are much more descriptive of your experiences, such as “research,” “international experience,” “teaching experience,” and “leadership experience.”


2. Maintain consistency

Maintain editorial consistency by using the same format throughout the document, regardless of formatting. For example, if one header is bold, ensure all bits are aggressive. Your curriculum vitae included a title, place of employment, location, and a range of dates or years for each position.


3. Include a wide range of experiences

Employers are interested in more than just paid work. Student organizations, volunteering, traineeships, service-learning, philanthropy, projects, freelancing, study abroad, and part-time jobs are excellent examples of your abilities and personality.


4. Consider yourself as an employer

Employers pay an estimated six seconds (at first glance!) per resume. Take the time to re-read your document and ensure that everything on the page is relevant to the job for which you’re applying. Employers should be able to see the link between your expertise and your open attitude.


5. Maintain visual balance

A resume’s form and function allow an employer to scan and gain an overview of your industry experience quickly. Strong resumes have a good black and white space balance, which means you don’t want too much text or space.