Top 10 World’s Highest Motorable Passes or Roads

If you are into adventure travel, especially in the mountains, you must have heard of terms like highest lakes in the world, highest memorable mountain passes in the world, highest motorable roads in the world, etc.


1. Umling La or Umlingla pass- Ladakh,India 

Umling La now the highest motorable road: New benchmark for motoring  adventure junkies | The Financial Express

In 2017, BRO built and opened the world’s highest road over Umlingla pass or Umling la connecting chismule.


2. Road to Uturuncu Potosi, Bolivia

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The road to uturuncu above col is situated in Potosi, Bolivia, considered the world’s highest motorable route.


3. A road uphill Mana pass or Dungri La- Uttarakhand, India 

Mana Pass Uttarakhand, Permit, Weather, Images, How to Reach - Tripoto

Mana pass or Dungri La is situated at the border between Tibet and India in Uttarakhand.


4. Marsimek La or Marsimik La Ladakh ,India 

Marsimik La Ladakh | Kashmir Hills

Marsimek La or Marsimik La is situated in Ladakh, India, where civilians, though native to India,  with prior permits from the army can travel.


5. Semo La central Tibet 

Semo La - Wikipedia

Semo La is situated in the central part of Tibet. Travelers use this route as an alternative access route to western Tibet.


6. Photi La ladakh, India 

Highest Road in the World — Umling La Pass | by Dheeraj Sharma | Devil On  Wheels | Medium

The latest unknown entry into the world’s highest motorable passes or roads is Photi La pass, situated in India.


7. Dongkha La or Donkia La pass North Sikkim,India 

A paved road to the top of Dongkha La

On number seven, we have Dongkha La or Donkia La pass located in north Sikkim, having Tso Lhamo Lake or Cholamu Lake.


8. Kaksang La Ladakh, India 

Top 10 Motorable Passes in India That you Travel Once in A Lifetime

Kaksang La pass is situated in changthang region of ladakh on the route from mahe to nama- chusul- pangong Tso.


9. Sige La West of Lhasa,Tibet 

Top Ten Highest Motorable Roads in India – Details Inside!

Suge La is situated in Tibet about 110kms northwest of Lhasa. The road to the top is in decent condition, and after reaching the top, you get a fantastic view of Chomo Gangtse mountain which boards an altitude of 7.048 meters.


10. Chang La Ladakh, India 

Chang La: The Ultimate Road Trip Guide

Valley of you who have been to Ladakh will be surprised to know that Changla pass is higher than Khardung La, as per the readings in compliance with SRTM or with modern age GPS systems.