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This Is How You Can Hang Up Calls Faster

It’s normal to feel helpless when a phone call stretches against your will. Needless to say, at some point, we all have wished to know a way to end the call without sounding rude. If you can relate to this, then this life hack shared by a self-proclaimed ‘evil genius’ might be helpful.

There are days when you don’t have the patience to be at the receiving end of blabbing over a phone call. We rarely get success with getting rid of it as we end up giving excuses like: “My mom needs help with something” or “I need to finish up something” etc.

And this happens because you don’t want to sound rude. But here we might have found a solution to this problem which some people might label as “unethical”.

Recently a woman revealed how she switches her phone to airplane mode after answering a call she doesn’t feel like taking. This makes the other person think the connection failed and if you don’t have that feature in your phone or you don’t want to use this due to some reason then you can try something else too.

@showerthoughtsco on TikTok has shared the “evil genius” life hack and all it asks to say are five words.

@showerthoughtsco explained: “Begin every phone call with ‘my phone’s about to die.

“So you can hang up whenever you want.”

They called it an “unethical life hack”.

The video has already been watched over 50,000 times and received about 8,500 likes.

Many people in the comments claimed to be doing the same for years as one of the comments said:: “I been doing this for years tbh.”

Another commented: “Don’t tell people my secrets.”

“My mum does this,” admitted another viewer.

Someone else said: “I hang up on people and tell them I have no signal.”