15 Photos Showing Kids Are Pure Hearted

Nothing can warm your heart more than receiving affection from a child. The innocence in their smile and the little things they do to express emotions make us forget even the biggest things that bother us. Needless to mention, you might fool them over silly things but they never fail at understanding the authenticity of your emotions. So, when you’re with them, just live in the moment and we bet you will cherish those moments in the future.

In this blog, we have brought you a set of 15 pictures showing kids doing what they are good at i.e. spreading joy.

1. “The ’S’ key on my keyboard broke and my 6-year-old attempted to fix it.”

Courtesy: megglesmccart / Reddit

2. Who wouldn’t call that turtle lucky?

Courtesy: TheMasonX / Reddit

3. “My 7-year-old is making a book. He’s wise beyond his years.”

Courtesy: Mlnkoly111 / Reddit

4. “My 5-year-old sharing her cheeseburger with her pet worm”

Courtesy: BrooksMania / Reddit

5. When your art is a sign of your gratefulness

Courtesy: sentient_wishingwell / Reddit

6. “My daughter asked me to put this in the mailbox because the mailman does a good job and he deserves to know!”

Courtesy: mid_world_lanes19r / Reddit

7. “This is the way I do bedtime with my daughter.”

Courtesy: monsterfd / Reddit

8. “25 minutes ’fixing’ the vacuum cleaner and it’s still not working!”

Courtesy: KyloRose231 / Reddit

9. This is how it is!

Courtesy: Anonymous/ Reddit

10. “My 4-year-old daughter helped my wife pack my lunch today and I was pleasantly surprised.”

Courtesy: Moxsis / Reddit

11. When a chicken gets a different kind of love

Courtesy: Anonymous/ Imgur.com

12. “My 2-year-old who thinks I can’t find him”

Courtesy: KyloRose231 / Reddit

13.“My friend’s daughter was being too quiet. They went to check on her and found this.”

Courtesy: Thirdreel / Imgur

14. “Looks like my daughter has found her Mr. Right!”

Courtesy: lazinase / Reddit

15. “I told my 3-year-old our Roomba was tired because he worked all night. She took it to her room and made him a bed.”

Courtesy: PhantomTitan007 / Reddit