This Could Be The Reason Why Your Lower Back Pains

Pain in the lower back area is quite common these days and due to WFH in the lockdown, it has become a more regular scenario. 

If you think you’re alone in this, believe us you’re not!

It’s been killing half of working Americans. Many people opt for medication to ease up the pain, which isn’t the most effective way to deal with it. In fact, changing some things we do on a daily basis can help us to cut the problem at its roots. 

Here are a few reasons that could be responsible for your ache. 

1) Skin hugging skirts and high heels

We know that dressing in a certain way gives confidence to people but unfortunately, it also gives backache. Tight skirts can restrict movement in your hips, which causes strain on your spine. The same happens when you put on a pair of high heels: these shoes position your feet at an unnatural height, which in turn causes the muscles in your lower back to shift. 

2) Regular intake of soda

Apart from weight gain sugar does multiple damages to your body. 

It can literally worsen your back pain too. Drinking carbonated beverages also leads to gas getting stuck in your digestive system, and puts pressure on your spine. If your back hurts after having a glass of coke, it might be time to think about increasing your water intake.

3) Stress

When you’re in stress, your body suppresses the happy hormones and releases stress hormones which cause your muscles to tighten naturally. Tension in your muscles, in turn, leads to painful sensations in your neck, shoulders, and back. 

4) Choice of pillow

Big pillows not just give a cozy and comfy feeling but also results in back pain. Most pillows put your head in an unnatural position, which puts pressure on your neck and spine, causing pain and poor sleep. 

5) Dishwashing 

Bending over your sink while washing the dishes puts pressure on your lower back, causing muscles in this area to strain. When you maintain this position for a few minutes, you might be hurting your back on a daily basis. 

6) Stairs 

Taking stairs is generally considered a healthy habit while moving up or downstairs for work but it’s not the best way to stay fit if you have an existing low back pain. 

7) Reading in bed

Reading in bed can lead to stiffness in your shoulders and back. When you bend a little it causes tension in the spine and muscles in the lower back. Reading on a chair is highly recommended if you’re an avid reader.

If you have any of the above habits, ditch them right away.

Featured Image Source: Spine Universe